Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Dairy Queen: Not What I Was Expecting

We finally made it out of the house today around 6pm to run errands. I felt like our day moved in slow motion. Everything seemed to take longer, especially school. I decided that we would eat dinner somewhere before beginning our errands and called Kerry to see if he wanted to meet us there. Being the wonderful husband he is, he always lets me choose where we go and eat. Wanting something quick to eat, I remembered seeing a Dairy Queen in passing one day and the idea of a good ole hungerbuster seemed just what I needed -- a taste of home. Well, just to let everyone know that if you are in California, Dairy Queens do not have the wonderful hungerbusters or something even comparative. The chocolate malt was the same as well as the other desserts, but I have to say I was disappointed that I didn't get the hamburger I was looking forward to.

Josiah gets his 4 month old pictures taken tomorrow and we will get a few with big brother in their Christmas outfits as well. Caleb loves having his picture made, so the only one to be concerned about will be Josiah. It all depends on what mood he is in at any given time. But when he smiles, his smile lights up his entire face and melts Mommy's heart.

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