Tuesday, November 29, 2005

God, I love you!

I have to take a minute and share with you how much I love Caleb and what a wonderful boy he is. Today during school, we started talking about community helpers. The first community helper in our curriculum talks about pastors. One of the pages required him to color a picture of a pastor. As Caleb was coloring the picture, one of the best he has ever colored, he said that he was doing his best because when he went to heaven he was going to take it with him and show God. That definitely made me smile. But he went further to write the words on the paper, "God I love you." I know that God must have been smiling too.

Just to brag a little more, Caleb stayed up late with me last night helping me finish the inside Christmas decorations. He loves setting up our Fontanini pieces and organizing them just right. I have to admit that he does a very good job. I can tell he loves it just as much as I do. Maybe sometime next week, we can help Kerry decorate the outside.

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RyAnn said...

That makes Aunt RyRy's heart smile!