Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

11/24/05 -- Caleb and Josiah on Thanksgiving Day

This Thanksgiving is our first in California and it is also Josiah's first Thanksgiving. Caleb had a wonderful time making Thanksgiving projects during school time yesterday. He even made Josiah an Indian headband. Caleb who loves to dress up declared that on Thanksgiving he would be going as an Indian which consisted of jeans, a white t-shirt, and the Indian headband. Today we celebrated with two other families from our church who were wonderful to include us in their festivities today. Sitting here at the computer with all my boys sleeping, Bailey our dog included, I have time to reflect on all I am thankful for. I know I will not be able to list them all, but I will try and list a few.

I am thankful for:
1. my husband, Kerry -- who loves me even on the worst of days
2. Caleb -- our firstborn, who is full of life just like his Daddy
3. Josiah -- our baby, who was a welcome surprise, and whose smile lights up his entire face
4. Jesus Christ -- without Him, life would hold no meaning or purpose
5. that Caleb asked Jesus into his heart a few weeks ago
6. my Mom -- who listens to me when I'm having a tough day
7. my Dad -- who I love watching wrestle with Caleb or play dinosaurs on the floor or snuggle with Josiah
8. my sister, RyAnn -- who through this past year has become one of my best friends
9. Brock, my nephew -- who I miss watching grow up on a day to day basis
10. my Mother-n-law -- who is the best mother-n-law a girl could ask for
11. our house -- that God provided it at just the right time
12. our church -- even though it's big, the people are friendly and make it personable
13. this one is for my husband -- California weather
14. Airplanes -- to travel back and forth to Texas
15. Friends and family



RyAnn said...
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RyAnn said...

I love their hats! That is classic. Have a great day! Love you!

RyAnn said...
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Kristen said...

Sounds like you had a nice Thanksgiving. I enjoyed your thankful list -- I know your family is thankful for you!