Wednesday, December 07, 2005

4 Month Pics Turn Out Great

Josiah's 4 month pictures turned out great as well as the ones with Caleb, despite the horrible time we had at JCPenneys. Our appointment was scheduled for 11:30am and we got their a few minutes early. At 12:15pm, we still had not had the boys' pictures taken and Josiah was getting tired and about to be hungry. I finally went up to the front desk and told them how long we had been waiting and they got us in right away, but they looked annoyed that I would even come up and ask. Needless to say, we got out of there close to 1pm and none of us had had lunch. The studio had been short staffed which they did not mention until the end. They have assured me that it normally is not that bad. And did I mention the boys were wonderful the entire time? They were!


bartleywedgies said...

Okay, I'm caught up - Josiah is growing fast. I do think he looks like just like Caleb. I loved the pics of Caleb on the dirt bike. We are doing well, I reg'd us at bartleywedgies but haven't started updating the blog yet. I will have to get busy on it. No school today or yesterday - we are iced in!!! I'm glad, I miss K when she is at school so I'm glad we have a few days together at home. More soon, I will try and update our site - our families will love looking. talk soon. amy b

Kristen said...

Oh my goodness -- he is getting so big. They are both adorable and look alike, but different too if that makes sense.

Don't you love JCPennys picture prices? You really can't beat it, especially if you have coupons!

RyAnn said...

My nephews are cute as always!