Thursday, December 08, 2005

Baby Blessing

This morning we woke up bright and early at 7am (early for me) in order to be at church by 8:30am. Today during staff meeting at church, all of the pastors' families whose babies were born during this year were honored/blessed/dedicated. It was pretty neat. The children's minister got up and said a few words and showed two videos. I almost got teary eyed on the one about boys since I can relate. Then they had us all come up front and introduce our little ones. After that, the pastor prayed for the babies and families. In addition we were each given a baby Bible (Josiah's third), a neat looking time capsule, and a gift certificate to Babies R Us (I'm ready to go shopping!). I'm glad we chose to participate but I wish I had taken more than one picture. Oh well.

My plan was to take pictures immediately following of the boys for Christmas cards. However, Caleb woke up sick with a cold, the one our family is passing around. Triaminic had made him pretty sleepy and Josiah was sound alseep. So, the pictures will have to wait for another day.

Since Caleb wasn't feeling very well, our day was pretty laid back. We didn't do school today, just like if he had been in a school setting I would not have sent him, since he didn't feel well. He laid on the couch pretty much all day which showed me how sick he felt. Since Kerry was at the Narnia preview tonight, our dinner was very simple. After I fixed Caleb a peanut butter sandwich I asked him if there was anything else he wanted. At first he said no, but then said that he needed a card. I was somewhat confused at first, but then realized he wanted a get well card. After dinner, I made him a card, and he thought it was great. Caleb always amazes me with the things he thinks of. That pretty much sums up our day. I'm praying that our family will all be completely healthy again soon.

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