Sunday, December 11, 2005

"Breath of Heaven"

Dedicated to my sister, RyAnn

With the Christmas season in full swing, I have to admit that I have started getting homesick for my family back in Texas. It hasn't been much fun shopping alone this year for Christmas gifts, although Caleb has really tried to help. Today was one such day. Both the boys did great. However, I'm sure Caleb looked a site sitting in the stroller with a blanket over his head as I was picking up Christmas gifts for him. I think he enjoyed knowing I was buying his gifts because he didn't want me to wait until tomorrow so Kerry could watch him.

As I was driving home from church tonight, I think God must have known I needed something to laugh about. That's when the song, "Breath of Heaven" came on the radio. Now I know people must be wondering how one song could be so funny, especially that song, but smile and laugh I did. It all started my first year of college. It was Christmas Eve and in a moment of sisterly love, my sister and I sat next to each other during the church service. During the service, a couple got up during the "special music" time. At first I assumed they were going to sing, but then it turned out that they were signing to the song "Breath of Heaven." Still not very funny, just a normal part of church. However, during the song, the sign for breath of heaven is used quite a bit and my sister and I started to get tickled about the sign for breath of heaven (ask either of us and we still know the sign). As the song progressed, our laughing got worse. We were trying not to make a sound which didn't help. And those of you who know my dad can just imagine some of the looks we were getting from him. It was a very very long song that night. But it doesn't stop there. Over the next couple of years, we were not allowed to sit next to each other if that song was in the program. As you can imagine, the giggles would always start again. I have come to enjoy the song, but could probably guarantee that if my sister and I were sitting next to each other again and someone signed the song, we would be in stitches all over again.


RyAnn said...

O, what a memory. I still laugh when I hear that song, even if I am all by myself. Miss ya!

Kristen said...

That does sound like a fun story.

My brother and I have this funny song we hear in church every once in awhile called "Up from the grave He arose." We use to replace the lyrics and use a man at our church who had the last name Rose...we thought it was HILARIOUS to sing, "Up from the grave JT Rose..." I still laugh (sometimes out loud!) every time I hear that song at a worship service. I immediately have to call my brother to tell him about it.

Don't you just love sibling memories?