Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas Memories -- Part 3

The days to Christmas are fast approaching and our days are about to get pretty busy. So, instead of spreading Christmas memories out over the next few days, I will condense them into one entry. I have already mentioned a few of my favorite memories of the past, so here are the last few.

1. Decorating the Tree -- Growing up, decorating the Christmas tree was very special to me. My Dad was always in charge of the lights. Once he got the lights put on the tree, we would all come together usually after dinner one night and hang the ornaments. I always enjoyed taking out each ornament of mine and remembering why I had chosen each specific one.

2. Ornament Hunting -- Every year, my Dad usually would take my sister and I out to pick out a new ornament. RyAnn usually chose hers quickly, but I always had to make sure it was just perfect. Most years up until about college, I was adament that mine had to be a round ornament. That got somewhat harder over the years to find, but I always looked forward each year to searching for the perfect ornament. I would post a few pics, but all of our ornaments still hang on our parents' tree. It is fun to go to there house and see them up on their tree and I like pointing them out to Caleb (I'm sure he'll get tired of it one of these days).

3. Hanging Christmas Lights -- When I got into high school I think (not sure of the year), I started helping my Dad hang Christmas lights outside. Definitely a bonding experience getting up on the roof together. It was a lot of fun. I helped him up until Kerry and I were married.

4. Stocking Stuffers -- When RyAnn and I got old enough, my Mom suggested we fill my Dad's stocking one year with her help. A few years later, we decided to surprise both of them with stocking stuffers. That first year a friend of the family took us shopping for them. We were very proud of our finds using our own money. One year after the tradition was in place, we ended up at 7-eleven buying stocking stuffers on Christmas Eve (only thing open) and spent a fortune. The tradition is still in place today.

5. Falling Down -- On Christmas Eve of my sophomore year in college, we were at the Christmas Eve service at church. Since it was crowded, some of us sat in the choir loft. When we went to stand for the ending prayer, my ankle gave out on me and I fell down. My foot had fallen asleep. Very embarassing since my Mom and the cute guy next to me couldn't help me stand up since I couldn't feel my foot. Shorly after, my ankle started swelling and I ended up on the couch that night with a swollen ankle.

6. Singing -- I have to admit that this was one of my favorite traditions growing up. Before the festivities would begin on Christmas Eve, RyAnn and I would be dressed up in our Christmas dresses and we would sing songs in front of the video camera. Dad would ask us the day, year and what grade we were in. Some of the years we were pretty funny. We loved singing songs from our Christmas programs at church. One year we sang this song about the wisemen with back up music and pretended we were playing guitars. I laugh everytime I watch the video.

7. Christmas Dresses -- Each year my Mom would take us shopping for Christmas dresses. Just like the ornaments, it didn't take RyAnn long to find a dress. But for me, it could mean many shopping trips. I'm sure my Mom dreaded those trips and said a prayer that the first store would have the perfect dress. In my early years, I was very into twirl dresses. They had to be very poofy (spelling?) and I had to be able to twirl in them. Knee socks were a must as well. Over time, my preferences changed, but I will always remember the dresses I could twirl in. I've tried to attach a picture my Mom sent me, but I can't seem to get it uploaded right now.

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Denise Tucker said...

Stephanie, thanks for sharing your Christmas memories. I have so loved reading them. They have touched my heart and reminded me of the sweet times of my Christmas' past. You are a special lady. I hope Kerry knows how blessed he is to have you!!