Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Remembering Christmases of Past: Part 1

As Christmas gets near, I always enjoy reflecting on past Christmases and the memories that came with each one. So, over the next few days until Christmas, I'd like to share a few of those memories. Since I am a visual learner, I will try to post a picture with each memory (embarassing or not).

The first Christmas that came into my mind today was the first Christmas Kerry and I shared together which was before we were married. Newly engaged, I rarely wanted to spend a waking moment away from Kerry when I was in town (I was attending Baylor at the time while Kerry was at seminary in Fort Worth). We spent Christmas Eve with his family in East Texas and then came back to the Fort Worth area to celebrate with my family. Even though Kerry had his own place, I could not imagine him having to go back to his place and sleep there on Christmas Eve. It just seemed so lonely to me. So, my parents agreed that he could sleep on our couch. I know Kerry was trying to be sensitive to my parents and the last Christmas with me without being married, but I'm so thankful they included Kerry. I have to admit that from the picture, I'm amazed at how much make up I used to wear. And this is one of maybe five pictures of Kerry wearing a suit. We look so young and in love with no sleep deprivation due to young kids, not that I would trade our life now for the past. Love ya honey!

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RyAnn said...

That is some RED lipstick! I am glad you have toned down the make up!