Friday, January 13, 2006

Back to Normal

We have spent this week getting back into the routine of things. Homeschooling Caleb started back this week. Caleb spent the first two days getting used to the idea of school again. The last three days have gone extremely well. We have started a new incentive plan with Caleb during school. If he receives 30 stickers on his chart (one possible per day) then he gets to go to Chuck E. Cheese. I wish I had thought of it sooner. I was wanting him to enjoy learning just for the gratification of learning. But he's five and doing first grade work, so a little encouragement won't hurt. He is so excited about it, and I can tell he's working hard.

Josiah has been rolling everywhere this week. He got stuck under the swing one day and hit his head. He has also rolled onto the tile and gotten his legs stuck under the couch, chairs, and ottoman. He has also been seen on his hands and knees a few times this week. He'll be climbing the stairs before we know it. Aside from achievements, Josiah has been a little mellow/fussy this week. It's hard to tell if he's teething or having to get used to not being held all the time like he got used to while visiting in Texas. He does fine when we're running errands and he's being carried in the sling.

The Christmas decorations are finally down. I have spent some time going through old toys to make room for new toys. Caleb thinks we should keep everything for Josiah. I'm slowly but surely getting the house back in order.

Kerry has taken Caleb camping for the first time. They left right after lunch. I'm not sure which one was more excited. For this first trip, they are only staying one night. I told Kerry Josiah and I would go if he planned everything (food, etc.). I think he's waiting to take us in the spring when the weather is a little warmer at night. With the two big boys camping, Josiah and I plan to enjoy some time relaxing on the couch.

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