Monday, January 30, 2006

The Dog Beach

I have to admit that this is one of those days that I enjoy living in California. After a busy weekend at church, Kerry takes Mondays off to unwind and spend time with family. This morning started out normal -- breakfast and then school. While eating lunch, Kerry mentioned that he was going to take Bailey, our golden retriever, out for a walk. Caleb, of course, wanted to go. I mentioned that if they wanted to try a dog park that Josiah and I would come along as well. After looking at several places online, we decided to try out a dog beach in Huntington Beach.

We loaded up Bailey and the boys and headed to the beach. It was great! Well behaved dogs are allowed to run around off leash. Since this was Bailey first experience at the beach, we kept his leash on him for most of the time. Occassionally, Kerry would take the leash off and let Bailey run around. Bailey loved it. He loved the water, meeting other dogs, and most of all chasing the seagulls. I knew he was a retriever but didn't realize how much it was in his blood until a bird caught his eye. He was off chasing this bird and tuned Kerry's voice completely out. I was afraid he was going to end up with the waves crashing down over him. But they didn't. Caleb had a blast as well and now I know to always bring a change of clothes for Caleb when we go to the beach. He always ends up getting wet, even though it was long sleeve weather. Josiah even seemed to enjoy it, he was being carried the entire time. I put Josiah's feet in the sand and he seemed to enjoy the feel of it between his toes. I think I could do this every week.

Over these past couple of days, I have started exploring the world of ebay and actually tried to bid on an outfit for Josiah. I love smocked clothing for baby boys and found this precious outfit online. Unfortunately, I did not win. However, I am determined to get the hang of it. Hopefully, I will get the hang of it in time to get an Easter outfit for Josiah. Caleb is in to picking out his own clothes, so this probably would not work for him unless he saw the pictures.

Caleb once again amazed me today by eating half of a hamburger. I have no idea what has come over him except that he must be developing some new taste buds. I will post some pictures of our day at the beach as soon as Kerry gets them to me.


RyAnn said...

That sounds so fun. I am sure Harley would just cry if we ever took him to a dog park since he doesn't think he is a dog. I am so impressed with Caleb's eating lately. Maybe next time we come to California Brock will like the sand in his toes.

Mary Beth said...

That sounds so peaceful! We don't get that in Abilene. (the beach that is)