Thursday, January 26, 2006

M&Ms, a Wonderful Incentive

Josiah is slowly but surely starting to feel better. His fever is still down and it is 8:00p.m. California time. He still has a pretty bad cough, but he is drooling constantly. His little personality is coming back too. His attempts at da-da are very clear now. I know Kerry is enjoying it.

Caleb has started working extremely hard at school this week. After a tough Monday, I really tried to think what would help a 5 year old do better work. And what did I find? I found that M&Ms are the best incentives at this time. Never has he had a more positive attitude or better work. One of these days I will try and post a sample of his cursive handwriting. It looks almost as good as mine, and he's only 5. A small bag of M&Ms will last for at least three days or longer. Little does he know, I am finding out what he is truly capable of and it's more than I even thought!

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