Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Relaxing Days

I thought I would never get the previous post finished! On the first try, I was holding Josiah when Caleb wanted to be held as well (bedtime). On the second attempt, I was holding Josiah when Caleb woke up and was ready for breakfast. The third attempt frustration took over when I couldn't seem to upload pictures. I gave up on the fourth try and published without pictures. This morning I added pictures one by one. Not fun!

Yesterday was a pleasant day. We didn't have much scheduled. Caleb, Josiah, and I ran shopping and went to the park to run off some steam. Brock came over for a little while to play and then we met up with some friends. Caleb was so excited to see Ethan and Kylie again. They were all sad when we had to leave. These are the two I took care of for 4 years. They are growing up too fast!

Today is another relaxing day. Kerry and Caleb are still sleeping. Later today, RyAnn is taking me to a new store she says I will love. I plan to post more pictures later. There are some really good ones of Caleb and Josiah riding horses.

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