Sunday, January 08, 2006

A Visit to the Farm

Josiah and Abigail (we need Abigail in California
since Josiah loves her)

Abigail taking Josiah for a ride

Caleb is so proud to be riding!

Caleb and Elizabeth hanging out

Caleb with Joshua (Did I mention Caleb loves
four wheelers?)

Caleb, Joshua, Elizabeth, Abigail,
Morgan, and Josiah

I finally got the pictures of our day at the farm. Like I mentioned in a previous post, Caleb had a blast. He took to country life so well that Kerry and I started dreaming of owning land so that we could enjoy the peaceful surroundings of trees and less houses. It's a dream at this point in our lives. Maybe one of these days we can build our dream house on about 30 acres and let the grandkids come play. For now, we will be thankful that we have family that is willing to share a day with us at their farm every once in awhile.

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