Monday, February 27, 2006

T-Ball Practice

Caleb getting ready to bat

Swing batter swing!

My favorite baseball player!

Here are some pictures of Caleb at t-ball practice on Saturday. He is still having a great time playing. Games start next week, two a week. His team is the White Sox. I have to admit that the weather out here is so nice that I love going out to practices and watching him. Josiah loves it as well.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

It's Official -- He's Crawling!

Josiah crawling for the remote control (2/25/06)

Friday, February 24th, is the day Josiah started officially crawling. For the past month, he has used a combination of rolling and scooting to move around. On Friday, he crawled just a little bit. Yesterday, he crawled even a more, especially when he saw he could crawl for the play station controls. Today, he seems to have it figured out which means we must watch what we lay on the floor. At least 4 times in about a five minute period did I have to pick Josiah up and move him across the room away from the play station. Daddy and Caleb may have to play when Josiah is not in the room. Shortly after I moved Josiah for the fifth time, he became content with a towel left on the floor. Then he discovered Caleb's wooden snakes only to have one pinch his finger. To top it off, while I was in the process of writing this blog (he was in the room with me) Josiah managed to pull himself up to a kneeling position using the train table. He has no fear. He quickly let go and proceeded to hit his face on the train table on his way down. There were definitely tears and possibly a bruise on his cheek will result.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Strawberry Patch

Caleb dressed himself in boots, jeans, baseball shirt
cowboy vest, and his hat for cold weather -- when it
was actually warm.

One thing I am really enjoying at this time of year in California is the fresh strawberries. Driving down the freeway, you can see fields of strawberries. And since strawberries happen to be one of my favorite foods, it's a special treat. Today, the boys and I headed to Tanaka Farm to get some fresh fruit. Fruit seems to taste better to me if bought outside of a grocery store. Caleb really enjoyed the outing when he found out he could pick his own strawberries.

After observing Daddy watching what he is eating this week, Caleb has decided that he is watching what he eats as well. He told me at the store that he would not be eating any chocolate or cookies at this time. As of tonight, he has stuck with it. When he said he was hungry after dinner, he chose grapes for a snack. I never imagined that a five year old boy would declare that he wants to watch what he eats. He wants to be so much like his Daddy. This afternoon, Kerry had on jeans, belt, white socks, baptism logo shirt, and the PEACE bracelet. Caleb went and put his baptism shirt on with jeans, belt, white socks, and searched the house until he found another PEACE bracelet. Like father, like son.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

I Know I'm Cute!

Over the past few weeks, Josiah has taken to shining in front of the camera. When he hears me say his name and sees the camera, he puts on his big smile. It's as if he is saying, "I know I'm cute and you love taking my picture!" I just couldn't help posting a couple from today. Caleb, I think, is beginning to think that pictures aren't cool. One of these days maybe I'll get another picture on here of him.

A Sweet Prayer

I am often amazed by Caleb's understanding of a variety of things at his age. Tonight was a prime example. Part of his prayer tonight sounded a little like this:

Dear God,
I know why you put us here on earth.
Some people do not know about you
And you want us to tell people about you.
My Daddy tells people about you.
Thank you for everyone you made.

Those weren't the exact words, but somewhat close. We talk to him about the importance of telling others about Jesus. He is also getting to see first hand at our church different people that have shared their love of Christ with others. I look forward to seeing him grow in Christ in the days ahead.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Back Home

The boys and I enjoyed our trip back to Texas. We really did not do much except become couch potatoes. RyAnn got strep throat while we were there, so Brock got to come stay at Nana and Granddaddy's house Friday night. He loved following Caleb around the house. With the weather turning cold, we all just stayed inside watching tv, napping, or playing on the computer. Sunday morning I woke up with a fever and cold which meant they boys and I didn't get out for church. My fever went down quickly but I was still very tired. My mom, sister, Brock, Caleb, Josiah, and I went shopping on Monday. It was pretty cold going in and out of stores. My fever went back up that night, but has not gone up again. The boys both have colds now. And Brock is pretty sick as well. I have no idea where we caught the colds unless it was due to the change in weather.

We got home late last night, and we all were glad to see daddy. Josiah did not say dada much while we were in Texas, but the moment he saw Kerry, he started saying dada again. That's all I hear now that we are home. We are spending the day doing laundry, unpacking and attempting to all get over colds. Tomorrow, life returns to normal with starting school back up and grocery shopping. Caleb is ready for t-ball practice this Saturday. Maybe I can sneak in a few pictures before practice begins.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

In the Air

Josiah and Caleb on the airplane

Last Friday night, I became pretty homesick for my family and told Kerry how I was feeling. After talking it through, I felt that I could probably make it until about April to come back to Texas. However, I was not expecting some very nice people from our church to pull together their resources so that the boys and I could go visit my family in Texas. So, we flew in yesterday and surprised my sister at her birthday dinner. It was so hard to keep it a secret. She called me while I was on the airplane and left a message wondering where I was. She called my mom asking if she had heard from me. I talked to her when we landed and tried to make up a good story of why I didn't call her back earlier. Then she wanted to come over to my parents' house before dinner, and my mom finally told her she had to go pick her up one more birthday surprise. And she was surprised! I really love surprising people! The boys and I plan on enjoying a week of relaxing with not much going on. And then we will enjoy flying back home to see Daddy and Bailey.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Josiah's First Food!

Caleb trying to feed Josiah

Josiah deciding he's done

Josiah taking a break while Mommy warms up the cereal

After Josiah tried to grab the food I was eating again, we decided it might be time to try a little cereal. His meals up until now consisted of strictly breastmilk. Tonight after dinner, we got him all ready for his debut. He was pretty excited to be sitting in the high chair, and he smiled great for the video camera before his first bite. The first few bites of cereal he tolerated. He was definitely more interested in the spoon and preferred to put it in his mouth himself. After the newness of the cereal wore off, he decided that it wasn't that great and proceeded to let us know how he felt. After cleaning him up, he nursed and went to sleep. I guess he was pretty tired. I think will wait another week and maybe try first thing in the morning since he is a morning person. I just couldn't resist posting a few pictures.

Happy Birthday RyAnn!

I just wanted to wish my sister RyAnn a happy 26th birthday today! We'll celebrate when you come to California!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Three Different Stores

Caleb has t-ball practice tomorrow which meant that there were a few things we needed to buy before practice: a shirt, shoes, and a cup (yes, it's required). We drove to the first store with the intention of picking up everything at Sportsmart. Unfortunately, they were out of everything except the baseball cleats. After store #1, we drove to Sport Chalet, store #2. We found a shirt to go under his uniform and to wear at practices. Finally, we drive to Chicks, store #3 where I had the fun time of shopping for Caleb's first cup. That's just one of those items that I feel embarrassed to shop for. I shouldn't, but it still made me a little nervous. It's done though, and Caleb has all he needs for practice tomorrow. If you ask him, he says he needs a new bat and glove as well, but that's simply a want.

And now about Josiah. I have read about baby wearing, and I can definitely say that I have been wearing Josiah the past few days. Today was a little better, but if I wanted to get anything done, he was either in the sling or the papoose. He could be teething or have an upset stomach. I'm just not sure. He even took one of his naps in the papoose yesterday. I'm not complaining, because I know one day he will not want to stop and let me hold him. He's just not his usual happy, full of energy self. On a positive note, he is super close to crawling. It will be any day now. He is up on his hands and knees rocking back and forth. I think he'll be crawling in two weeks at the latest. I'll let you know.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

A Busy Saturday

Josiah smiling at his brother

Josiah sitting up

Caleb (notice the hair) and Josiah

We had a busy weekend, or at least a busy Saturday. For the month of January, life was calm and not much was going on. And now it's February and the rest time is over. Fortunately, Friday was a pretty calm day except for shots for Josiah at the doctor. Saturday, we went up to church in the morning for about an hour or so. Then we came back home for about an hour before Caleb's first little league practice of the season at 1:15pm (I'll write more about t-ball later). Practice ended at about 3:oopm with just enough time to get ready for church at 4:30pm. After church, we went and visited a small group since we are looking for a group to get involved with. I was exhausted after a full day. Today has been a lot more relaxing, at least for myself and the boys. I was able to pick up around the house this morning while Josiah took a nice nap. Then we had a late lunch with some friends. The boys and I came back home, and we all got a nap. That doesn't happen often at the same time, so I admit it was very nice. The boys and I enjoyed relaxing the rest of the day while Daddy was up at church.

Before lunch today, I took a few pictures of the boys. I'm sure you will notice that Caleb's hair continues to grow, and he is styling it himself most of the time. It was also 75 degrees in sunny Southern California and Caleb insisted on long sleeves today saying that he might get chilly inside the restaraunt. Needless to say, he was wearing just his undershirt not long after we got to the restaraunt.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Six Month Check Up

Josiah turned six months on January 26th. My, time has flown by! Today, we went for his six month check up, and I am once again amazed at how much he has grown. He weighs 20 pounds, 2 ounces and is 27 and 1/2 inches long. At his four month check up, he weighed 18 pounds, 12 ounces and was 27 and 1/4 inches long. He has passed Caleb in weight by almost 2 pounds but is one inch shorter. Our doctor mentioned that we could start introducing solids at this time if we wanted to. I asked what was the latest he would recommend starting solids, and he said that waiting until Josiah was seven or eight months was fine. He even said that a few moms have waited until their babies were around 10 months to start. Since Josiah is growing so well and eats so fast, we are in no hurry to introduce solids. He nurses for about ten minutes at a time except at bedtime when he nurses a little longer as he drifts off to sleep. We are thankful that he continues to remain healthy.