Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Back Home

The boys and I enjoyed our trip back to Texas. We really did not do much except become couch potatoes. RyAnn got strep throat while we were there, so Brock got to come stay at Nana and Granddaddy's house Friday night. He loved following Caleb around the house. With the weather turning cold, we all just stayed inside watching tv, napping, or playing on the computer. Sunday morning I woke up with a fever and cold which meant they boys and I didn't get out for church. My fever went down quickly but I was still very tired. My mom, sister, Brock, Caleb, Josiah, and I went shopping on Monday. It was pretty cold going in and out of stores. My fever went back up that night, but has not gone up again. The boys both have colds now. And Brock is pretty sick as well. I have no idea where we caught the colds unless it was due to the change in weather.

We got home late last night, and we all were glad to see daddy. Josiah did not say dada much while we were in Texas, but the moment he saw Kerry, he started saying dada again. That's all I hear now that we are home. We are spending the day doing laundry, unpacking and attempting to all get over colds. Tomorrow, life returns to normal with starting school back up and grocery shopping. Caleb is ready for t-ball practice this Saturday. Maybe I can sneak in a few pictures before practice begins.

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