Sunday, February 05, 2006

A Busy Saturday

Josiah smiling at his brother

Josiah sitting up

Caleb (notice the hair) and Josiah

We had a busy weekend, or at least a busy Saturday. For the month of January, life was calm and not much was going on. And now it's February and the rest time is over. Fortunately, Friday was a pretty calm day except for shots for Josiah at the doctor. Saturday, we went up to church in the morning for about an hour or so. Then we came back home for about an hour before Caleb's first little league practice of the season at 1:15pm (I'll write more about t-ball later). Practice ended at about 3:oopm with just enough time to get ready for church at 4:30pm. After church, we went and visited a small group since we are looking for a group to get involved with. I was exhausted after a full day. Today has been a lot more relaxing, at least for myself and the boys. I was able to pick up around the house this morning while Josiah took a nice nap. Then we had a late lunch with some friends. The boys and I came back home, and we all got a nap. That doesn't happen often at the same time, so I admit it was very nice. The boys and I enjoyed relaxing the rest of the day while Daddy was up at church.

Before lunch today, I took a few pictures of the boys. I'm sure you will notice that Caleb's hair continues to grow, and he is styling it himself most of the time. It was also 75 degrees in sunny Southern California and Caleb insisted on long sleeves today saying that he might get chilly inside the restaraunt. Needless to say, he was wearing just his undershirt not long after we got to the restaraunt.


RyAnn said...

Precious pictures of the boys. Thank goodness for days to relax!

Kristen said...

I think Seth has the same outfit as Josiah -- just without the shirt, his is one piece! Great minds think alike...ha