Monday, February 13, 2006

Josiah's First Food!

Caleb trying to feed Josiah

Josiah deciding he's done

Josiah taking a break while Mommy warms up the cereal

After Josiah tried to grab the food I was eating again, we decided it might be time to try a little cereal. His meals up until now consisted of strictly breastmilk. Tonight after dinner, we got him all ready for his debut. He was pretty excited to be sitting in the high chair, and he smiled great for the video camera before his first bite. The first few bites of cereal he tolerated. He was definitely more interested in the spoon and preferred to put it in his mouth himself. After the newness of the cereal wore off, he decided that it wasn't that great and proceeded to let us know how he felt. After cleaning him up, he nursed and went to sleep. I guess he was pretty tired. I think will wait another week and maybe try first thing in the morning since he is a morning person. I just couldn't resist posting a few pictures.

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RyAnn said...

Looks Yummy Josiah! Brock didn't like cereal at first either and we stopeed giving it to him. We started a few weeks later and he loved it.