Friday, February 24, 2006

Strawberry Patch

Caleb dressed himself in boots, jeans, baseball shirt
cowboy vest, and his hat for cold weather -- when it
was actually warm.

One thing I am really enjoying at this time of year in California is the fresh strawberries. Driving down the freeway, you can see fields of strawberries. And since strawberries happen to be one of my favorite foods, it's a special treat. Today, the boys and I headed to Tanaka Farm to get some fresh fruit. Fruit seems to taste better to me if bought outside of a grocery store. Caleb really enjoyed the outing when he found out he could pick his own strawberries.

After observing Daddy watching what he is eating this week, Caleb has decided that he is watching what he eats as well. He told me at the store that he would not be eating any chocolate or cookies at this time. As of tonight, he has stuck with it. When he said he was hungry after dinner, he chose grapes for a snack. I never imagined that a five year old boy would declare that he wants to watch what he eats. He wants to be so much like his Daddy. This afternoon, Kerry had on jeans, belt, white socks, baptism logo shirt, and the PEACE bracelet. Caleb went and put his baptism shirt on with jeans, belt, white socks, and searched the house until he found another PEACE bracelet. Like father, like son.

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