Friday, March 31, 2006

Just the Four of Us (and Bailey)

Last night marked the first night we have been together as a family alone since the night before Kerry left for Sri Lanka. I have to admit, it felt kind of weird and very quiet. I was able to actually sit down for a few minutes last night and just relax. As much as I enjoyed all the company, it is nice to get back into a routine, at least for a few weeks. March was definitely a busy month for us.

Josiah turned 8 months on the 26th of March. It's hard to believe he is already 8 months. He continues to pull up on everything and now can get back down without falling. Occassionally, he will let go while still standing but immediately plop back down on the ground. He still is not eating much. However, he has started eating cheerios and other finger food. If I put small bites on his plate, he will attempt to get them in his mouth. This week, he tasted potatoes and green peas. I think he will probably transition straight to table food. He still doesn't have much interest in the sippy cup, but enjoys playing with it.

Caleb has enjoyed all the friends staying at his house. He has been on overload at a few points due to exhaustion. Overall, I was very pleased with how well he did with others coming in and playing with his toys. He has always been a great sharer. School has continued even through our busy schedule. He has been a real trooper.

Now it's time to start thinking about Easter and Caleb's birthday. I already have Josiah's Easter outfit, but need to look for Caleb something (with his help of course). I have a few more weeks. I still can't decide what to do for Easter this year. We have always had lunch with my family and had an Easter egg hunt. With Kerry's Easter schedule, I'm not sure what Easter will look like. I would like to feel like we had an Easter though. Our Christmas meal lasted 10 minutes before Kerry had to leave. I'm hoping Easter will be better than that. That's all I have for now.

Monday, March 27, 2006

A Nice Visit

I meant to write yesterday, but time got away from me. RyAnn and Brock went home yesterday afternoon. It was soooo good to have them here for a visit. On Saturday, we were able to take the boys to the beach. I was happy to see that Brock enjoyed the beach. He would have chased Caleb right into the waves if RyAnn had not caught him. I don't see how boys manage to stay warm in such cold water. Brock was shivering, but he did not want to leave.

Sunday found us trying out a new zoo. It was extremely small, but the park that it was in was worth the trip. Caleb and Brock went on pony/horse rides. We also enjoyed a nice picnic. The weather was just right. After Sunday naps, we went to church with plans to take a few pictures of the boys. I think I got a few good ones on my camera. I didn't use the digital camera, so the pictures will have to wait. Our night ended with Josiah throwing up at dinner!

RyAnn was so nice to help me clean my house, since we had friends coming to stay with us after her visit. I could not have gotten the house ready without her. I will return the favor on my next visit to Texas. We started school back up today and Caleb got done rather quickly knowing that he had friends to play with when he was finished. We don't have much on plan for this week except for helping our friends get settled in their house out here in California. They are waiting for their things to arrive from Texas along with being able to move into their house.

I am so thankful that God has blessed us with a house that has room for overnight guests. I enjoy having people in our home and the space for it. I look forward to using our house as God sees fit. It's always exciting to see what God has in store for our lives.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Daddy's Home!

This morning, we woke up and went to Caleb's t-ball game. He did great! He played pitcher at one point during the game. While he was on the pitcher's mound, he caught to fly balls in the air in his glove. Talk about a proud Mommy! I was very excited about how well he played and more importantly, that he is having fun. I was also proud of the way he acted in the dugout. It's so hard to have to sit there when it's your turn to sit out an inning or not get to bat and he did well today. He does well everytime, but sometimes needs a little direction.

After the game, we came home. Daddy arrived home shortly after. I always love seeing Caleb's excited face when Daddy comes home from a trip. He ran out to Daddy calling his name excitedly and gave him a big hug. Daddy brought back some great treats for the boys, including Brock. We heard flutes being played for quite some time this afternoon. We all took some time to relax after lunch. We plan on heading to the beach later this afternoon and hopefully we will get some good pictures. More to come later.

Friday, March 24, 2006

The Aquarium

Josiah loves the camera!

Mommy, Josiah, and Caleb (He finally wants a

Brock and Caleb

RyAnn and I took the boys to the Aquarium of the Pacific. We all had a great time. Brock is at the fun age of watching his face light up when he sees something exciting. Josiah is great just hanging out in the sling or stroller. Caleb loved the hands on exhibits. Anything he could touch with his hands, he was game. I really wish I would have bought the nectar cup for the birds. Caleb really wanted to hold one of the birds, but they seemed to know who had food and who did not. He got really close to one though. He also loved touching the sharks and sting rays. I think he could have spent at least an hour at just one of the hands on tanks.

After the trip to the aquarium, we ran a couple of errands and then came home. Everyone except myself took a nap. It gave me a chance to try and clean up a few things and wash some clothes. By the time everyone woke up from naps, it was time for dinner. We enjoyed a simple dinner, made some cupcakes, and enjoyed spending time together. Family is great!

Tomorrow, Kerry comes home. Caleb is super excited! I have to admit I'm ready to see him too. I just hope we can keep up with our good routine we've established now that he's back home. I've really enjoyed putting Caleb to sleep each night -- reading books, saying prayers, talking and snuggling. He enjoys Kerry putting him to sleep when he's home. I may have to start joining them each night. It's getting late and we have a game at 9:00 in the morning.

They've Arrived!

Caleb, Josiah, and I went to the airport tonight to pick up RyAnn and Brock. It is so good to have them here! I am thankful that they had a safe flight here, and we plan on enjoying this visit. Tomorrow, we are off to the aquarium. This will be a first for all of us. Brock is at such a fun age. Even though he was tired, he was excited to see Caleb. Not seeing him on a daily basis anymore, I was amazed at his vocabulary even since mid February. He was able to say Bailey (our dog's name) right away. He has also gotten over his fear of vacuums and loved Caleb's old toy vacuum. When we got home, we played for a little while before turning in. Everyone is in bed except me. I always like a few minutes to wind down at the end of the day. We're going to have a fun weekend. This trip RyAnn actually gets to enjoy California. The last time they were here, she was helping unpack our house. I'll try to get some good pictures of the boys tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


For those of you who know me well, you know that I do not like to wake up early. I would much prefer to wake up and nurse Josiah two times a night instead of waking up at 6:30am every morning. This week I had to call the plumber because two out of our three toilets were not working properly. We couldn't even use the one downstair. The plumber said he could be at our house between 7:00am and 8:00am. Since we needed it done, I said fine in hopes that he would get here closer to 8:00am. I set my alarm for 6:30am just so I could put some clothes on and lay back down again on the couch. I was enjoying sleeping when I heard the door bell ring and Bailey barking. I jumped up thinking that the alarm must not have gone off. Well, it hadn't. It was 6:25am and the plumber was already at my house! I was not in a good mood. If I had not needed the toilets fixed, I guarantee I would not have answered the door. I have never heard of a plumber coming that early. I know next time I will request an afternoon time when they suggest 7:00am. We went back to sleep, but I'm still dragging from being up that early. Maybe I can get in bed earlier tonight.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

This is for Pappy

Pappy -- picture taken on December 25, 2000

I was getting ready today when I started thinking about the month of March. And that's when I realized that Pappy's birthday had come and gone and I didn't even realize it. Pappy, my dad's dad, was the one I cared for the last four years of his life on a daily basis. He brought joy into my life every day. His smile alone could make your day better. He taught Caleb and I how to be a servant to others and that's something I will never forget. I am sad that Josiah will never know him in person, but his legacy will live on. It's been a little over a year since he past away. In a way, it seems like a life time ago, but on some days, I still think of loading the boys in the van and going to take care of him. I could write pages upon pages about Pappy, and I actually started this post with that plan. But after thinking about it, I decided to share those memories on another day. This post is dedicated to Pappy and the love he shared even at the very end of his life.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

White Sox versus Cubs

Caleb had his third game today. He did great again. Since two of the players were absent, Caleb got to play all of his favorite positions. He played first base, pitcher, catcher, and center field (not his favorite). He did great stopping the ball and hit the ball into the outfield each time. From his outfield position, he threw the ball all the way home. I was so proud of him!

Josiah had a tough night. He would cough a little, cry a little, nurse a little, sleep a little all night long. I finally gave him Tylenol around 4am and he slept well snuggled next to me the rest of the night. I should have given him some from the beginning. That is our plan for tonight since he has had trouble with his naps today as well. I think he is still teething.

I heard from Kerry today. He has made it to Singapore. I'm glad to know he has made it that far. International cell phones, msn messenger and skype are all wonderful things. It's hard to imagine life before them.

Friday, March 17, 2006

On Our Own

Kerry left for Sri Lanka this morning. It's official, the boys and I are on our own for a few days. We will miss him, but I'm hoping to get caught up on school and a few things around the house. We've had a busy couple of days which did not allow us to do as much in school each day like I originally had planned. We should be back on track by next week. This is the first time that Kerry has gone out of town for more than a night with us away from my family. It will be intersting.

Caleb is actually napping right now. It's pretty nice. I know he will end up staying up pretty late tonight, but sometimes it's worth it. Maybe a trip to the video store will make for a pleasant evening for the three of us. Caleb has another t-ball game tomorrow. I know he is excited about it. I've got to make sure his uniform is clean.

Josiah continues to pull up on everything. He thinks he's pretty cool when he lets go with one hand. I'm trying to let him explore as much as possible to stimulate his cognitive development. As long as he can't get hurt, he is allowed to touch what he can reach. That means we have DVD cases all over the loft floor. It's only for a season. Josiah still hasn't made any improvement over eating and drinking. A friend suggested avocados, so that may be his next food to taste.

In six more sleeps my sister and nephew will be here for a few days. I'm looking forward to having them here. We will probably visit the aquarium while they are here and possibly the zoo. We will definitely take them to the beach. I may try to get Caleb some new sand toys before then. I've got a sleepy baby in my arms. I better sign off and get him to sleep.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Game 2

Caleb as catcher

Caleb watching for the ball

Caleb running to first base

Yesterday, Caleb had his second game of the season. He got to be the catcher for one inning. He loves that position and wearing all the gear that goes along with it. He looked so cute! The players have to rotate the positions they play at this level, so Caleb didn't play 1st base or pitcher, two of his other favorite positions according to him. Kerry made it to this game which means we have pictures of the game to post.

Today was a pretty normal day. We had school today, ate lunch, and went grocery shopping. We had some friends over for an early dinner tonight, and we are now enjoying some down time. Caleb is hanging out with Daddy and Josiah is sleeping in my lap as I type. I am looking forward to tomorrow. We don't have much scheduled except school and lunch at church with Daddy. Hopefully, I can get the laundry all washed and keep the house clean as well. Kerry leaves for Sri Lanka in a few days. He will be missed, especially by Caleb who loves spending as much time as he can with Daddy.

Monday, March 13, 2006

A Fun Few Days

Josiah's favorite place on an outing

Caleb, Josiah, Mommy, and Daddy

Wayne, Amy, and Kelsie

Kelsie and Caleb

It's been a busy few days since I last blogged. On Thursday, Caleb, Josiah and I went to a homeschooling outing at church with other homeschoolers. The homeschooling ministry had brought in a man to talk about the trees and such. It was nice to be outside even though it was a little chilly. After that, we went and bought groceries before coming home. When we got home, we quickly finished picking up around the house, since Wayne, Amy, and Kelsie would be there shortly. Once they arrived, we had a nice time hanging out and enjoying dinner.

Friday morning, I went to a staff wives breakfast at a place called Las Brisas. I highly recommend it. The breakfast was great and the restaraunt had a great view of the ocean. I think I might just take the family out there for breakfast one of the days. When Josiah and I got back to the house, the Bartleys came over and had lunch. Then we all got in the van for a day of sightseeing. We went to the beach, a sight I never get tired of even when it is cold. We looked into whale watching tours, but due to the weather, the tours were canceled for the day. We ended the day with dinner at Ruby's Diner out on the pier.

Caleb was supposed to have a baseball game on Saturday, but it was canceled because of the rainy weather. Instead of the game, we took the Bartleys on a tour of our church. Then the girls and kids enjoyed shopping at the mall while the guys did a more detailed tour of the church. After shopping we got ready for church and headed back up for services. Kelsie and Caleb went to Bible Study while the rest of us went to church. Josiah and I spent most of our time in the nursing room which was actually a nice time to just sit and be calm for a few minutes. After church, we went out to dinner and then said goodbye to the Bartleys. It was great to see them. I know they will have fun at DisneyLand the rest of the week. Caleb is disappointed that he is not going to DisneyLand, but we already have a busy week planned.

Yesterday, Austin and Lauren came over and played. Caleb thought it was a great treat. We played, went to McDonalds, played some more, went to the park, played a little more, ate dinner, and then they went home. They all were not happy when the time came to and end. I heard talks of a sleepover being planned by the boys to take place at our house. Caleb likes to be at home come bedtime. I like having him home at bedtime too. I know one of these days he will be ready for sleepovers, but I'm not rushing it.

We are taking this morning easy with plans of starting school when Josiah goes down for a nap. Caleb is still a little tired from all of the activity of the past few days. Josiah is pulling up on almost everything now. He also comes falling down just as much. There haven't been too many easy landings. Caleb has a t-ball game today if the weather cooperates. I know he's ready to play again.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Two Teeth!

Yesterday, Josiah's first tooth broke through the skin. The second one was not long to follow. They are very hard to see, but they are easy to feel. Josiah had been dealing with a running nose and it stopped all of a sudden yesterday. Even when we were outside during Caleb's game, his nose did not run. I'm assuming it must have been teeth related. I checked to see when Caleb first got teeth and my records show that he was almost nine months old. I was thinking he was closer to 10 months. So, Josiah's teeth did not arrive as early as I had originally thought.

Josiah is definitely moving around quite well for only crawling about two weeks. He is mastering crawling on hard surfaces, which means he will soon be into everything. Tonight, Kerry, Caleb and I watched as Josiah pulled up for the first time on the chair. He has been pulling up on the bean bag chair and other shorter items. Now it's official, he's pulling up. I think he will be walking way too soon, since he is tries to let go already. He wants to keep up with big brother. Bailey has started keeping his distance from Josiah. Josiah pulled a little too hard on Bailey's hair tonight. That's the first time I have ever seen Bailey get irritated like that. I will say, Josiah does pull hard on hair. We will have to keep an eye on Josiah with Bailey and start teaching soft touches instead of pulling. Bailey is still very partial to Caleb. I'm sure it is because they were raised together.

We have friends coming in from Texas tomorrow. I have been cleaning our messy house today. It took me about an hour to fold all the laundry from today. It's almost all done which feels great. But there will be more laundry waiting tomorrow. It's the neverending job.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Play Ball!

Caleb had his first t-ball game of the season today. I have to admit I was a very proud Mom. Personally, I think he has a natural talent and a future in baseball if he so desires. In little league, each player has to play one inning in the outfield and one inning on the bench (if there are that many players). Caleb played 1st base, 3rd base, and right field. If they were counting outs, he would have made 4 outs and tried to help make a few more. Each player gets to hit during each inning. Caleb hit it into the outfield 3 out of four times, and the fourth was so close to being in the outfield (right on the line). At the end of the game, the coach sat the boys all on the bench and explained that after each game, he would give the game ball to one player. The player who receives it is one who he sees working the hardest and behaving the best. My son got the first game ball! I was so excited for him. It has the date on it, his coaches name, team name, and division. In the car, he told me that the game ball would be for decoration only, that he would put it up in his room to look at. It's now sitting on his shelf. I can hardly wait for his next game!

Monday, March 06, 2006

My Brother Ate My Homework!

I used to always get a laugh when you heard those phrases like, "My dog ate my homework." As a young girl, I was shocked at how someone would actually try and use that line as an excuse for not doing their homework. Fast forward to the present where I am a mom of two boys and a large golden retriever. Bailey has been known to chew on a few items since we got him. He is more into cloth items and kleenex though. Now that Josiah is crawling, I have a new respect for that excuse for not turning in homework. Caleb and I do school throughout the house. The past few days, we've enjoyed laying on the floor and learning while Josiah plays. Josiah thinks it is fantastic, especially since he loves paper. He is a magnet for anything that is paper. Today, Caleb was trying to complete a paper and before Caleb or I could stop him, Josiah had pulled the paper and put it in his mouth, drool and all. Several of Caleb's papers turned out a little slobbery today. Oh well, he'll keep us on our toes.

Since Josiah was in a pretty good mood, I thought it would be a wonderful day for him to try sweet potatoes. Keep in mind that he does not like baby cereal or bananas (the two foods which have been introduced). I steamed fresh sweet potatoes hoping that he would love them as much as Caleb did. He liked them as much as he liked the other two foods. On the first bite, I thought we had found a food he actually liked. But once it sat on his tongue for a few seconds, he started making his I don't like it face again. I tried to get a few more bites in him, but it was a challenge since his mouth was closed tight. I will try sweet potatoes for a few days and then possibly make him some applesauce. Caleb at this age was drinking like a pro from a sippy cup and eating at least two bowls of food for dinner. I guess Josiah still enjoys being my baby and isn't in a hurry to grow up. I will enjoy the moment. It will be over way too soon.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Baylor Baseball

Josiah and Lauren

Carey, Austin, and Caleb

Caleb (Kelly's in the background to the left)

Josiah with his Baylor gear

We've had a pretty fun weekend. On Friday, we tried out another small group. We've enjoyed each one we've visited, but we're trying to find the one that works best for our family along with the best day of the week.

Saturday was a full day. Caleb had baseball pictures in the morning. It takes a lot of time to get a little boy dressed in full uniform. Last year, Caleb's baseball gear consisted of a t-shirt, baseball pants, hat, socks and cleats. This year, in Little League, they wear it all. I have to admit, he looked very very cute. I think Kerry may have gotten a few pictures in his uniform that I'll post when he downloads them.

After pictures, we headed to Long Beach, CA with some friends, Carey and Kelly, who just happen to be Baylor graduates. Kerry is a Baylor fan by association. Caleb just loves their son Austin who is six. Their daughter Lauren is four, and she and Josiah have a fun time together. Caleb has the green and gold blood already, and I'm working on Josiah. I'm sad to admit it, but this was my first Baylor baseball game to attend. I had to move to California and have a son in baseball to realize it's value. Austin and Caleb think it would be great to play baseball for Baylor when they get to college. I'm already thinking of matching comforters. Baylor won the game!

Since we didn't get in until after church started last night, we will go to church tonight. That's one good thing about the church we go to. We can choose from 6 different times to go. The week ahead looks good with some friends from Texas coming in town on Thursday. I guess that means I need to start cleaning the house!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

On the Go!

Josiah continues to get better at crawling. Last night, we tried to set up the web cam so Nana and Granddaddy could see Josiah crawl. For about a minute, Josiah looked at Nana and Granddaddy with a I'm not going to perform look. Finally, Kerry came upstairs and Josiah started to crawl. He can go pretty fast when wires are involved. Caleb and I are in the process of becoming creative with the Playstation wires. Hopefully, we will figure out a permament solution.

Please say a prayer for my nephew Brock. He goes into the hospital tomorrow to get tubes in his ears. We are praying that the surgery will go smoothly and that the tubes will help him not get sick as often.