Friday, March 24, 2006

The Aquarium

Josiah loves the camera!

Mommy, Josiah, and Caleb (He finally wants a

Brock and Caleb

RyAnn and I took the boys to the Aquarium of the Pacific. We all had a great time. Brock is at the fun age of watching his face light up when he sees something exciting. Josiah is great just hanging out in the sling or stroller. Caleb loved the hands on exhibits. Anything he could touch with his hands, he was game. I really wish I would have bought the nectar cup for the birds. Caleb really wanted to hold one of the birds, but they seemed to know who had food and who did not. He got really close to one though. He also loved touching the sharks and sting rays. I think he could have spent at least an hour at just one of the hands on tanks.

After the trip to the aquarium, we ran a couple of errands and then came home. Everyone except myself took a nap. It gave me a chance to try and clean up a few things and wash some clothes. By the time everyone woke up from naps, it was time for dinner. We enjoyed a simple dinner, made some cupcakes, and enjoyed spending time together. Family is great!

Tomorrow, Kerry comes home. Caleb is super excited! I have to admit I'm ready to see him too. I just hope we can keep up with our good routine we've established now that he's back home. I've really enjoyed putting Caleb to sleep each night -- reading books, saying prayers, talking and snuggling. He enjoys Kerry putting him to sleep when he's home. I may have to start joining them each night. It's getting late and we have a game at 9:00 in the morning.

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