Saturday, March 25, 2006

Daddy's Home!

This morning, we woke up and went to Caleb's t-ball game. He did great! He played pitcher at one point during the game. While he was on the pitcher's mound, he caught to fly balls in the air in his glove. Talk about a proud Mommy! I was very excited about how well he played and more importantly, that he is having fun. I was also proud of the way he acted in the dugout. It's so hard to have to sit there when it's your turn to sit out an inning or not get to bat and he did well today. He does well everytime, but sometimes needs a little direction.

After the game, we came home. Daddy arrived home shortly after. I always love seeing Caleb's excited face when Daddy comes home from a trip. He ran out to Daddy calling his name excitedly and gave him a big hug. Daddy brought back some great treats for the boys, including Brock. We heard flutes being played for quite some time this afternoon. We all took some time to relax after lunch. We plan on heading to the beach later this afternoon and hopefully we will get some good pictures. More to come later.

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