Monday, March 13, 2006

A Fun Few Days

Josiah's favorite place on an outing

Caleb, Josiah, Mommy, and Daddy

Wayne, Amy, and Kelsie

Kelsie and Caleb

It's been a busy few days since I last blogged. On Thursday, Caleb, Josiah and I went to a homeschooling outing at church with other homeschoolers. The homeschooling ministry had brought in a man to talk about the trees and such. It was nice to be outside even though it was a little chilly. After that, we went and bought groceries before coming home. When we got home, we quickly finished picking up around the house, since Wayne, Amy, and Kelsie would be there shortly. Once they arrived, we had a nice time hanging out and enjoying dinner.

Friday morning, I went to a staff wives breakfast at a place called Las Brisas. I highly recommend it. The breakfast was great and the restaraunt had a great view of the ocean. I think I might just take the family out there for breakfast one of the days. When Josiah and I got back to the house, the Bartleys came over and had lunch. Then we all got in the van for a day of sightseeing. We went to the beach, a sight I never get tired of even when it is cold. We looked into whale watching tours, but due to the weather, the tours were canceled for the day. We ended the day with dinner at Ruby's Diner out on the pier.

Caleb was supposed to have a baseball game on Saturday, but it was canceled because of the rainy weather. Instead of the game, we took the Bartleys on a tour of our church. Then the girls and kids enjoyed shopping at the mall while the guys did a more detailed tour of the church. After shopping we got ready for church and headed back up for services. Kelsie and Caleb went to Bible Study while the rest of us went to church. Josiah and I spent most of our time in the nursing room which was actually a nice time to just sit and be calm for a few minutes. After church, we went out to dinner and then said goodbye to the Bartleys. It was great to see them. I know they will have fun at DisneyLand the rest of the week. Caleb is disappointed that he is not going to DisneyLand, but we already have a busy week planned.

Yesterday, Austin and Lauren came over and played. Caleb thought it was a great treat. We played, went to McDonalds, played some more, went to the park, played a little more, ate dinner, and then they went home. They all were not happy when the time came to and end. I heard talks of a sleepover being planned by the boys to take place at our house. Caleb likes to be at home come bedtime. I like having him home at bedtime too. I know one of these days he will be ready for sleepovers, but I'm not rushing it.

We are taking this morning easy with plans of starting school when Josiah goes down for a nap. Caleb is still a little tired from all of the activity of the past few days. Josiah is pulling up on almost everything now. He also comes falling down just as much. There haven't been too many easy landings. Caleb has a t-ball game today if the weather cooperates. I know he's ready to play again.

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