Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Game 2

Caleb as catcher

Caleb watching for the ball

Caleb running to first base

Yesterday, Caleb had his second game of the season. He got to be the catcher for one inning. He loves that position and wearing all the gear that goes along with it. He looked so cute! The players have to rotate the positions they play at this level, so Caleb didn't play 1st base or pitcher, two of his other favorite positions according to him. Kerry made it to this game which means we have pictures of the game to post.

Today was a pretty normal day. We had school today, ate lunch, and went grocery shopping. We had some friends over for an early dinner tonight, and we are now enjoying some down time. Caleb is hanging out with Daddy and Josiah is sleeping in my lap as I type. I am looking forward to tomorrow. We don't have much scheduled except school and lunch at church with Daddy. Hopefully, I can get the laundry all washed and keep the house clean as well. Kerry leaves for Sri Lanka in a few days. He will be missed, especially by Caleb who loves spending as much time as he can with Daddy.


RyAnn said...

He looks so cute! I am glad he got to play catcher!

Kristen said...

I look at these pictures and get so excited about Sam getting in to sports soon. He looks so grown up in all that gear.

And I loved the pictures of the beach in your previous post...it looks beautiful and relaxing!