Friday, March 17, 2006

On Our Own

Kerry left for Sri Lanka this morning. It's official, the boys and I are on our own for a few days. We will miss him, but I'm hoping to get caught up on school and a few things around the house. We've had a busy couple of days which did not allow us to do as much in school each day like I originally had planned. We should be back on track by next week. This is the first time that Kerry has gone out of town for more than a night with us away from my family. It will be intersting.

Caleb is actually napping right now. It's pretty nice. I know he will end up staying up pretty late tonight, but sometimes it's worth it. Maybe a trip to the video store will make for a pleasant evening for the three of us. Caleb has another t-ball game tomorrow. I know he is excited about it. I've got to make sure his uniform is clean.

Josiah continues to pull up on everything. He thinks he's pretty cool when he lets go with one hand. I'm trying to let him explore as much as possible to stimulate his cognitive development. As long as he can't get hurt, he is allowed to touch what he can reach. That means we have DVD cases all over the loft floor. It's only for a season. Josiah still hasn't made any improvement over eating and drinking. A friend suggested avocados, so that may be his next food to taste.

In six more sleeps my sister and nephew will be here for a few days. I'm looking forward to having them here. We will probably visit the aquarium while they are here and possibly the zoo. We will definitely take them to the beach. I may try to get Caleb some new sand toys before then. I've got a sleepy baby in my arms. I better sign off and get him to sleep.

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bartleywedgies said...

Wondered about you guys today - knew Kerry was leaving. We got back around midnight last night - our flight was delayed until 7 due to mechanical difficulties. We are home now - had dinner with the Griffins, they are doing well. Had a great time - now updating my blog - hope to keep up with it now that I know how! Good to see you guys - it was fun to catch up and hang out and see where you live. Now I can picture it when you say something about the house or church. Caleb looks like a pro catcher! Tell him Kelsie says hi. talk soon.