Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Two Teeth!

Yesterday, Josiah's first tooth broke through the skin. The second one was not long to follow. They are very hard to see, but they are easy to feel. Josiah had been dealing with a running nose and it stopped all of a sudden yesterday. Even when we were outside during Caleb's game, his nose did not run. I'm assuming it must have been teeth related. I checked to see when Caleb first got teeth and my records show that he was almost nine months old. I was thinking he was closer to 10 months. So, Josiah's teeth did not arrive as early as I had originally thought.

Josiah is definitely moving around quite well for only crawling about two weeks. He is mastering crawling on hard surfaces, which means he will soon be into everything. Tonight, Kerry, Caleb and I watched as Josiah pulled up for the first time on the chair. He has been pulling up on the bean bag chair and other shorter items. Now it's official, he's pulling up. I think he will be walking way too soon, since he is tries to let go already. He wants to keep up with big brother. Bailey has started keeping his distance from Josiah. Josiah pulled a little too hard on Bailey's hair tonight. That's the first time I have ever seen Bailey get irritated like that. I will say, Josiah does pull hard on hair. We will have to keep an eye on Josiah with Bailey and start teaching soft touches instead of pulling. Bailey is still very partial to Caleb. I'm sure it is because they were raised together.

We have friends coming in from Texas tomorrow. I have been cleaning our messy house today. It took me about an hour to fold all the laundry from today. It's almost all done which feels great. But there will be more laundry waiting tomorrow. It's the neverending job.


Mary Beth said...

I didn't realize how close Josiah and Brynn are in age. (Brynn will be one March 27) Teething I have learned is just a horrible time for everyone. I can't imagine how bad it must hurt them. Thank you so much for all your advice!

RyAnn said...

WOW Josiah! You had a busy day. I think he will start walking soon to keep up with that brother. Maybe he will just go straight to grown up food!