Monday, April 03, 2006

Baseball Pictures

Caleb running hard to first base

You're out!

Caleb staying focused

Caleb gets ready to throw the ball.

Caleb batting -- notice the foot off
the ground

I'm losing count on how many baseball games we have had this season. A couple of Saturdays ago, a man came out to the game and took some pictures of the boys playing baseball. They were called the "action pictures" since we had already paid money for regular pictures. I tried to tell myself not to buy them all, but they were all so good and reasonably priced. Here are a few of them. I'm not sure how the quality will turn out since I scanned them, but they look really good in person. You can see how focused Caleb is when he is out there playing. And he loves it!

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RyAnn said...

Those are great! He looks like a pro!