Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Don't Forget the Chocolate Milk

I have to admit that today has not been the greatest day of my life. It started with Josiah waking up a little too early for me which is really not early to most people. I was so exhausted, not sure why except that I didn't want to wake up this morning. So, the boys and I relaxed on the couch for about an hour before getting breakfast. Josiah went back to sleep about this time too. School went just fine, no problems.

Part of the way through school, I decided to get my purse to pay some bills. What I saw was not what I was expecting. I had forgotten to take out a Wendy's chocolate milk a few days ago. It had spoiled and exploded in my purse! It was definitely a big mess. The digital camera was in my purse and for a couple of hours I didn't know if it would survive. But I think it will. The purse is now clean and drying out.

Late this afternoon, Josiah was taking a nap. Then the doorbell rang. I glanced out the upstairs window to see who it could be. That's when I saw a teenage boy running as fast as he could on the opposite side of the street. I would have taken it in stride except that it occurred last night around 8:30pm (not cool). I unlocked the door and looked out the peek hole in the door and posted Caleb at the window upstairs since three junior high boys were standing across the street. They had the nerve to come again, but when I opened the door on them, they took off in a flash. With a sleeping baby, I definitely was not happy and yelled at them that I had a sleeping baby and not to come back. I called Kerry who told me he would talk to our neighbors about the pranksters. Fast forward another hour and another doorbell ring. I got my cell phone ( not sure why) and preceded to open the door (after checking through the peek hole again). On our door was a note attached written on graph paper and here is what it said:

"We are sorry
for Ding Dong
Ditching you,
we did not realize
you had a sleeping
baby and we felt bad.
Ding dong ditching is our
sport but when it involves
things like this the fun fades

The Ding Dong Ditchers"

I appreciate the apology, but I think they need a new sport, and Josiah woke up on the third doorbell ring. I was planning on going to the store tonight to finish up Easter purchases without Caleb, but Kerry called and had a last minute dinner scheduled. Caleb said he'd go and pick his things out, but I'd like him to have a couple of surprises. Maybe tomorrow.

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RyAnn said...

Yuck! That would have thrown my stomach over the edge with the milk. I am glad they left a nice note on the foor. Hopefully, they will not come back!