Friday, April 07, 2006

Easter is Coming Soon

Today was a pretty busy day. After the boys and I had breakfast this morning, we gave Bailey, our golden retriever a bath. Fortunately, he loves baths and runs to the bathroom and jumps in the tub when we tell him it's time for a bath. He occassionally will do this when it is not time for a bath as well. We completed school and then took Bailey to the vet. This was his first check visit to the vet out here and my first time to be in charge of taking him. I'm sure we looked like a site -- a mom trying to control a 75 pound dog and the 5 year old son pushing his sleeping 8 month old brother in the stroller somewhat recklessly. But we did it. He is current on all his shots and all we have to do now is license him. I'll take care of that next week.

With Easter coming so soon, I decided I had to find the boys their baskets. Caleb has used the same basket since he was born, but I couldn't find just the right one for Josiah unless I went to Pottery Barn Kids. Since I was getting tired, I decided I might as well save myself all the hassle of going in multiple stores and just get the ones from Pottery Barn. Fortunately, they were on sale and I got the last two in the color I wanted. I then had the boys' names embroidered on the basket liners. These will be their Easter baskets until they go to college. I know Kerry thinks I'll get tired of them after a couple of years.

We have finally found a small group to attend which we attended tonight. It consists of 4 couples, with kids ranging from Josiah's age to high school. I really enjoy the age ranges. It makes for a pretty calm small group. Josiah and one other little girl who is two are the only ones that really seem to need attention. Once we get to the house, we never see Caleb he's having so much fun. So, our Friday nights are set from now on.

I still need to finish a few things before Easter gets here. We will be celebrating on Saturday due to Kerry's very busy schedule at church. He has a service on Thursday, 2 on Friday, 3 on Saturday, and 6 on Sunday. We will really try to spend time as a family on Kerry's day off this week and on Saturday before church. I guess I should go make sure Caleb's gear is ready for his baseball game tomorrow at 9am. Maybe I can sleep in on Sunday since we attend Saturday night services.


Kristen said...

GEEZ...that is a lot of services! I am thinking about getting the boys those same Easter baskets -- guess I need to do that before next weekend!

bartleywedgies said...

Sounds like you are ready for Easter. We finished up this weekend too. Kinda sad - this was the first year Kelsie didn't want a fru fru dress. So, we settled on a pink floral skirt with a white sweater twin set and white sandals with rhinestones and a slight heel. So big girl - I guess I can't keep her little girl forever. Congrats on being an aunt again and to RyAnn. More later.