Thursday, April 06, 2006

Great News!

I just found out a few days ago that Caleb and Josiah will have a new cousin sometime in December. My sister, RyAnn, just found out she is pregnant. Brock will be a little over two years old when the newest addition arrives. RyAnn has already been experiencing morning sickness (all day sickness), but said she felt a little better today. We're praying that she will stay healthy and not have to experience morning sickness, especially like she did with Brock. We're also praying for a healthy baby, boy or girl. I'm looking forward to being an aunt again. I'm just sad I won't be there to help out on a day to day basis. Even though Josiah is only 8 months old, talk of babies makes me want to have another one. God knows my heart and the right timing for everything. My trust is in Him.

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Kristen said...

Tell RyAnn congrats -- know you and your family are so excited!