Monday, April 24, 2006

Happy Birthday Caleb!

April 2000 (2 or 3 days old) -- Caleb's first year of life was filled with so many firsts for our family. He was our first baby and brought a tremendous amount of joy into our lives. He was a wonderful baby. He rarely cried, ate well, and would drift off to sleep in my arms without so much as a fuss. He would just close his eyes. He definitely preferred Mommy, but as he grew, he loved playing with Daddy.

1 year old -- At this point, Caleb really started enjoying spending time with Daddy. They would go to the airport together and watch airplanes take off and land. He became a climber, but had an amazing balance. He still loved snuggling with Mommy but would snuggle with Daddy some too. He also really started talking during this year.

2 years old -- This was such a fun age! Caleb was talking so well at this age, and he thought he was so big. He was completely potty trained not long after he turned two meaning he went without being told. He also got a big boy bed even though he ended up spending most of his nights snuggled between Mommy and Daddy. He also learned all of the letters and most of their sounds during this year.

3 years old -- My baby started looking more like a little boy this year. He still enjoyed airplanes quite a bit. He started learning how to read this year. Nana and Granddaddy along with Mommy and Daddy took him to the rodeo for the first time during this year. He got a hat and boots for the big event. After that, he could be seen walking down the hall at church wearing his cowboy boots and hat. He also moved into a new house only a couple of weeks before his fourth birthday.

4 years old -- What a year of growth! We started homeschooling Caleb Kindergarten this year. Also, Daddy and Caleb were now able to go flying without Mommy. They enjoyed spending time up in the sky flying in a Cessna 172. He still loved wearing cowboy boots and his hat, but he also decided he needed a suit. I have to admit he looked adorable! He also started playing t-ball during this year.

5 years old -- A lot happened during this year of Caleb's life. He became a big brother and moved halfway across the country to California. He started first grade at home and is still going strong. He played soccer for the first time and loved it. He asked Jesus into his heart and can't wait to see Jesus someday. He still loves baseball. He got to ride dirt bikes and horses for the first time this year. He became more independent this year and thinks he should make his own decisions.

Six years old -- I look forward to seeing what this year holds. He still wants to play baseball. He will start second grade. I pray he will grow to love Jesus even more this year and desire to be just like him. It's an exciting journey! Happy bithday Caleb!

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RyAnn said...

Caleb, You are way too cute and are getting way too old!