Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Shopping: A Success

Today was the day I was dreading. I have put it off and put it off, but finally had to admit that it was time to take Caleb shopping for an Easter outfit and a few other things. As an almost 6 year old, Caleb knows exactly what he wants in terms of clothes and shoes. The last couple of shopping trips haven't been the easiest or fastest due to differing ideas of what looked good and him looking for just the right item. I know my mom is pleased to know that I am experiencing with Caleb what she experienced with me in terms of shopping and clothes. I remember times when shopping trips would last several days looking for just the right Christmas or Easter dress.

Before we even left the house, I told Caleb what we were looking for today. I also happened to mention that Josiah needed to get his picture made sometime soon. He did not like the idea that he would not be getting his made as well. I reminded him that Josiah didn't have baseball pictures taken, but if he wanted to be in the pictures with Josiah, then we would need to look for coordinating colors to match Josiah's Easter outfit. At first he decided against that, but I showed him Josiah's outfit and suggested colors ahead of time to look for. I also mentioned that if he had a good attitude about a church outfit, then he could pick out something as well. With some good compromising, Caleb came home with an Easter outfit, camo shorts with a coordinating t-shirt, tennis shoes and sandals. Some of this will be put aside for his birthday coming at the end of April. I also picked up Josiah an outfit while we were out which will probably go in his Easter basket. I really wanted to look for me something for Easter, but after three hours of shopping and no complaining we were all ready to come home. I guess that means if I want something for Easter, I will need to go out shopping again. We'll see if I get around to it.

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