Tuesday, May 16, 2006


*Once again, this post was actually completed on Wednesday even though it shows up as Tuesday.

*Mother's Day has come and gone, but it was nice while it lasted. Kerry and Caleb took very good care of me on my special day. Since Sundays are always busy, we celebrated on Monday. I did not have to worry about any the meals or clean up. Kerry played long and hard with both boys. Josiah took two great naps. I got to enjoy reading and watching tv. I had to remind myself not to work and it was worth it. Thanks to my two big boys for taking care of me.

*Caleb finally decided to get his hair cut. I ddn't realize how used to his long hair I was. I almost cried when they starting cutting it off. But he looks super cute and he loves it. I just won't get Josiah's cut until he is at least two. Caleb's last t-ball game is this Thursday and end of the season festivities are on Saturday. He's had a great season!

*Josiah's four teeth have broken through! He is very fast climbing up the stairs now. He enjoys table food now, but can't figure out a sippy cup. He's getting plenty from nursing, so I'm not concerned. Josiah is really starting to bond with Daddy. He crawls to Daddy as soon as he gets home. Precious memories!

*We have a busy rest of the week. Our church has a conference going on this week which means Daddy is pretty busy. The boys and I went up to church for a couple of hours yesterday. Tonight we will be up at church for night of worship. Tomorrow we plan on going up to the church for a little bit to see Daddy and then we go to the airport tomorrow night to pick up Granddaddy! Granddaddy will be here until Saturday afternoon. We can't wait to see him!

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