Tuesday, June 27, 2006

11 Months Old

It's hard to believe that Josiah turned 11 months old yesterday. One more month until he turns 1. Where has the time gone? Josiah is turning into such a little character. He can take up to ten steps at a time now. He is determined to get this walking thing down and on his own. He has started waving hi. A couple of days ago we were outside and Kerry had the video camera on. Kerry said, "Wave to Daddy," and he did! It was so cute. He talks constantly although most of the words we do not know. But it's a good start. He is very strong willed. If you tell him to say a specific word he looks at you with a look of I don't think so. And they are words he knows how to say. He still does not like to be fed. He has to do it on his own. He's hasn't mastered the sippy cup yet and he thinks a bottle is a fun toy. He loves books and can be found reading his books on his own. He loves water -- bath time, swimming, playing in Bailey's water bowl. If anyone goes outside, he cries because he wants to be outside too. He gives me the greatest hugs. He has started taking better naps (yeah!). Nightime is a completely different story, but I wouldn't trade my snuggle time with him for extra sleep. This time goes by way too fast. I really enjoy this age. This is when vocabulary comes alive and understanding and discovery starts to take place. Caleb and Josiah have started playing together. It's so much fun to watch. I guess I need to start thinking about his first birthday. It will be here fast!

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