Monday, June 26, 2006

Girls Have Cooties!

We've had a pretty good weekend not including the mice incident. Saturday night we went to church. Caleb was so excited to promote to second grade in Bible Study. I know he felt really cool being a big second grader. Saturday nights at church are a real treat now that the grill is open after church. It's a nice way to end a Saturday, eating hamburgers while Caleb plays.

Sunday, we had beach baptisms. Caleb had a blast playing in the sand and water. He made a friend while he was there and played for about an hour with his new friend. I wasn't too sure how Josiah would do at the beach. I envisioned him crawling straight toward the water over and over again. However, he sat calmly on the sand playing with sand toys, frisbees, etc and did not eat the sand. He ate goldfish instead. And when he got tired, he snuggled up, nursed and fell asleep without a fuss. It can't get any better than that for me at the beach with two boys. When we got home, we had 40 minutes to get ready and be out the door again so I could teach the babies that evening at church. It was a fun, but busy day.

Today is the reason I named this entry, "Girls have cooties!" The small group of minister's wives that I am in got together for an outing at the lake. We rented a couple of boats and took them out on the lake. Several of us brought our little ones along. Caleb wondered why the boat went so slow and Josiah thought it was great being out on the water. Josiah didn't even complain about the life jacket he had to wear. Mrs. Lisa let Caleb drive the boat which he thought was way cool. He took the job very seriously. When we arrived back at the dock, one of the little girls wanted to walk next to Caleb. Caleb tried to keep his distance, but I assured him it was okay if she wanted to walk next to him. Then she wanted to hold his hand. She asked very politely, and Caleb politely told her, "No, thank you." Being that she is only 3, I told Caleb it would be okay if he held her hand. He looked at me and explained that he nicely said, "No, thank you." I had heard him and he was nice about it, just knew that he was not holding her hand. I guess I should be thankful that he's not interested in girls right now. He says he's not going to get married ever and that he will live with me forever. I don't know what I'll do when he realizes that girls don't have cooties.

The best thing that has happened so far today is that Josiah fell asleep while we were on the boat. He then slept the entire way home. He even stayed asleep when I carried him in the house and layed him down in his crib. The past two days must have caught with him. He's still sleeping!

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