Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I Have a Second Grader!

We finished up first grade today. I officially have a second grader which I can't believe. Caleb was so excited to now say that he was in second grade. We ended our first grade year with a trip to Chuck E. Cheese and then to pick up a video from the video store. Tonight, Caleb asked Daddy if he knew what we were doing tomorrow. He then went on to share that we had absolutely nothing that we had to do. It's definitely a great feeling.

This summer marks the first summer since Caleb was born that we have not had something going on. This is only our second summer without Pappy to care for. Last summer we were busy preparing for Josiah's arrival and our big move out to California. We were also trying to squeeze in a little school last summer because of all the changes. Caleb and I haven't quite decided what we will do, but we plan to enjoy a real summer. Caleb informed me that I could lay on the couch and sleep all day long if I wanted to. I told him we will get to enjoy trips to the beach, park, pool, bike riding, and just being lazy for a few days here and there. I may even get to scrapbook some (I'm way behind). I'm sure it will feel a little odd not having so much to do, but I don't think I will have any problems adjusting to the change.

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