Friday, June 16, 2006

Nana's Visit

The boys and I just put my Mom on a plane headed back to Texas. We've had a great visit while she was here. Last Friday, Nana flew in to town so that I could accompany Kerry to the WOW Awards at church. She even brought Kerry's tux that was sitting in a box at her house. I ccouldn't believe it still fit. On a whim, we went shopping before the awards to see if we could find me something new. I was amazed that I found a dress and shoes for under $35 that looked decent. I will post pictures when I get them back. It's a rare occassion when Kerry and I dress up that fancy. The boys did well with Nana. I wasn't too sure how Josiah would do, but she said he only cried to get out of the high chair.

While Nana was in town, we went to San Diego to the zoo and to an amusement park (forgot the name) near the beach. I think Caleb's favorite part was riding rides at the amusement park. He was not afraid of anything and he didn't have to wait in any lines, a boy's paradise. Nana and I took turns riding with Caleb and holding Josiah. Caleb commented yesterday that maybe Nana could be his Mom. I'm glad to know that if anything ever happened to Kerry and I that he would be in capable hands.

Now it's back to normal. Next week is very relaxed. We have nothing really scheduled which should be a very nice change. Caleb and I are going to look at the calendar and try to plan one outing a day -- the park, swimming, driving range, library, etc. We're looking forward it.

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Kristen said...

Sounds like your summer has already been busy and fun!