Friday, June 23, 2006


It all started when we moved to California this past September. We had heard that rats/mice were plentiful out here, but I never saw any and had a hard time believing that that could be true. Our first encounter happened when we had to spend several hundred dollars repairing Kerry's brand new car to fix wires that the rats had chewed through. We assumed it must have occurred at church sometime and did not give it much thought since my car had not experienced the same destruction.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when we noticed mouse pellets around our backyard. No big deal at first except it continued to get worse. Then one night, Kerry discovered some mice eating Bailey's dog food. Ugh!!! It occurred another time before we took Bailey's food up after dark. It's just hard to keep dog food in the house because Josiah thinks it's a special treat. Kerry purchased some poison and placed it high enough that Bailey or the boys could not get ahold of it. Yes, if a rat or mouse chooses to invade my territory, he or she will likely be terminated. The mice appeared to really enjoy the present we left them. We thought they might have been enjoying our overgrown flowerbeds and vines. Those were all taken care of this afternoon when our landscaper removed their habitat. But it only gets worse.

Tonight is such a lovely night outside that the entire family was playing in the backyard. Josiah and Caleb were having a blast and Kerry and I were sitting there watching them play. All of a sudden, I spot a mouse scurrying across the bottom of the fence. I did not scream too loud, but quickly ran in the house leaving all of the boys outside. Caleb hands me Josiah and I take him upstairs for his second bath of the night. After I get Josiah out of the bath, Kerry hollers up the stairs saying that Caleb wants me to look outside the upstairs window. I was not expecting to see what I saw. There was my six year old holding a dead mouse by the tail! Daddy graciously ended the mouse's life so that I could sleep in peace tonight. Caleb thought it was pretty cool. I will not go into the details that Caleb gave me or post the lovely pictures that they took. I'll save it for Caleb's scrapbook. I think it's time to call the exterminator ASAP.

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