Friday, June 23, 2006

Swimming Fun!

Caleb and Josiah

Josiah is not too sure he wants to get back in the cool water

Caleb loves swimming

Josiah standing up (Mommy is very close to me)

I really enjoy having community pools instead of one in our backyard. Honestly, I woouldn't want to be in charge of cleaning it or spend the money to have someone else clean it. One of the pools is close enough we could walk to it if we really wanted to. Caleb remembers how to swim from last year. I might put him in swimming lessons next year to improve on his skills. I took the boys out to the pool today and Josiah had a blast this time around. It helped that he had just had a nap and been fed. I think Caleb would go to the pool everyday if I would take him. If I only had his energy!

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