Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Big 3-0!

This past Saturday at 6:45am, Josiah and I flew back to Texas. I was very concerned about how Caleb would do when I left, especially since he had been crying all week and he needed me to carry him into the airport. I was so thankful when the lady at the check in counter asked me if Kerry and Caleb would like to see me to the gate. That made the difference. Caleb was so excited to get to go to the gate with me. He got to have pancakes at McDonalds and pick out a piece of candy from the candy store. When it was time for me to board, he gave me a hug and kiss and waved goodbye. I wish I knew the name of the lady from the check in counter so I could send a thank you note letting her know how that made the difference in my departure.

My sister and my nephew Brock picked us up at the airport. Brock has been saying Siah for many months. For some reason, he is now confused and is calling Josiah RyRy. After lunch and letting the boys play, we went back to the airport to pick up my parents. We were all pretty tired and enjoyed picking up some dinner to eat at the house.

The reason I went back was to celebrate my Dad and my birthday on July 16th. I turned the dreaded 3-0. I really felt old when my hair didn't look good and my face looked tired. It got even worse when we were at my parents church and a man asked my Mom and I if we were twins. Did he not realize what monumental day that was? I got a digital camera from my parents and look forward to posting pictures in a timely manner once again.

Monday found my Mom and I shopping -- spending birthday money and looking getting things together for Josiah's first birthday in less that 10 days. Monday night I got on a plane to come back to see my two big boys. It was so good to see them. That was the longest Caleb and I have ever been apart and I don't plan on repeating it any time soon.

Today has been a pretty normal day. The boys and I took it easy this morning, playing inside, washing laundry and picking up a little around the house. We took Daddy to lunch and then went to play at the park. People have asked me if it is hotter in Texas. I really thought California was just as hot especially in the sun, but I was so wrong. I could barely breathe during my visit. I am looking forward to going back to visit family in a couple of weeks, but I'm not looking forward to the heat. We were able to play in the sand surrounded by tall trees and a nice breeze and not break a sweat today. It was such a nice feeling. I will say though that the sun does make the sand and other surfaces very hot during the day, especially on playground equipment. I'll try to post some pictures later tonight.

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