Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Doggie Door

I knew the day would come. I just wasn't sure how much time I had. When we moved into this house, there was a doggie door. It really is too small for Bailey, but he manages to use the door if it is left open. Recently, I have noticed Josiah showing a lot of curiosity when it comes to the doggie door. He will push on the flap and see how far he can push it out. He watches Bailey go in and out. This morning, I was cleaning up after breakfast. I wasn't paying constant attention to where Josiah was since the stairs were blocked and the toilet seat was down. Those are his two favorite things to do these days. Anyway, I heard the doggie door which I assumed Bailey had used to go outside. About 30 seconds later, I realize that Josiah is not in the kitchen or living room. I quickly glance around and then notice that he is sitting outside on the other side of the doggie door. I think he felt set free. He was taking it all in (the 30 seconds of freedom he had) and headed straight for the dog food and water. I caught him before he ate any dog food or made a mess of the water (not ready for that this morning). I brought him inside, closed up the doggie door, and explained to him that we don't go outside without Mommy, Daddy, or brother. I'm sure he completely understood and there will never be a repeat performance. Just kidding! I'm sure he will be headed out the door everytime it's open now. I just need to have the video camera ready.


RyAnn said...

Way to go Josiah! You are so smart!

Kristi said...

I am discovering that boys get into--or should I say out of things quite frequently! Dylan's biggest joy is to climb into the one cabinet in the kitchen that he is allowed in--the tupperware-and well climb all the way back-- of course he gets stuck and I have to pull him out--I will have pics soon of this on my blog!