Sunday, July 02, 2006

Little Things About Caleb

I have these two stories about Caleb that I wanted to write down before I forgot them. For those of you who know Caleb really well, you know how picky he is when it comes to clothes. He has inherited this problem from me, his mother. I believe I was picking out my own clothes by the time I was 2. Caleb was the same on most things. I can never buy him clothes without him seeing them first. Back in February, I saw a shirt and pair of shorts that looked so nice for him. But he was not with me. I shouldn't have bought them, but I did. When I got home, he did not like them. He mentioned he liked them but not to wear at the same time. As the weather got warmer, every time for church, I would hold up this same outfit hoping he would change his mind. Everytime it was the same answer: he didn't want to wear it. So, last night I thought I'd try it again. I was shocked when he responded, "Mom, that is awesome!" He looked so adorable. I even took pictures which will have to wait until I get them developed. Daddy thought he looked good too and that always helps.

The second story occurred today. To preface this story, I am not a fan of guns. However, a family member gave him a toy gun for Christmas. After discussing it with Kerry and going over strict rules, we allowed him to use it. While helping him clean his room awhile ago, I simply put it in one of his drawers. He thought it was gone and I could not remember where I had put it. Anyway, he found it today, put on his jeans, shirt, knee pads, and Buzz Lightyear purple hood. It was a great combination! He was darting around the house. He informed me that today it was a paint gun. He doesn't like to be in pain and I mentioned that you can get bruises from playing paint ball. He responded that that was in the old days. He said that back then they only had glasses for protection. But now they have protection for your back and eyes, etc. Back in the old days. I didn't laugh out loud but thought it was so cute the way he was thinking. As he gets older, I'm sure I will hear more assumptions of the old days (when I was a girl). I look forward to hearing them and then passing them along.

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