Thursday, July 06, 2006

Work at Home

If any one knows of a reputable work at home job, please leave suggestions in the comments. I am trying to find something that would supplement our income. I enjoyed taking care of little ones in my home, but with homeschooling, that would not work at this time. I like working on the computer, so that would be a great option. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Kristi said...

Stephanie- I Will ask aroun dwith other stay at home moms and see what they say.
I met your sister today! Kadyn is taking swim lessons at Emle- anyway- she came up and asked if I was Kristi--said she recognized me from reading the blog! How neat!
Let me know when you will be in town!

Cyndi Chlup said...

You know you would make an awesome Creative Memories consultant. You can teach the classes in your home when Kerry is home to be with the boys. You don't have to teach in the customer's homes. Crops are not mandatory either. Do them if you want or not do them. It's your business. If you teach at least 4 classes a month, then you will make money. Of course the more classes taught, the more money you make. Give it some thought. I'd love to have you on my team.