Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Boys in a Box

Two boys in a box

I just have to brag a little. Caleb has been so sweet to Josiah today. Caleb has always been a good big brother to Josiah, but he went over and beyond today. As soon as break time came during school, Caleb said to Josiah, "Come on, lets play!" Caleb played outside with Josiah while I was getting dinner ready (I was constantly looking out the window over the sink). Playing outside with Josiah involves sliding down the slide with him if he tries to climb up, make sure nothing goes in his mouth, and still have fun. Not very easy for a six year old, but he wanted Josiah outside with him. He also painted the above box for Josiah. He was sympathetic when Josiah would fuss today, and didn't try to be the mom as much today. It was so much fun watching them play today.

Monday, August 28, 2006

The Lost Tooth

Caleb showing off his lost tooth

Yesterday morning, Caleb, Josiah and I were sitting down eating breakfast. Caleb was a little upset about his tooth and he was very nervous that it would hurt when it came out. I explained that it might feel a little funny, but if he took his time in wiggling it around that it shouldn't hurt. He also decided that he wasn't going to chew his food at the front anymore and preceded to show me. Yes, very exciting to see. Well, I wasn't really paying attention when I heard a cling or a ping on Caleb's plate. His tooth had fallen out while he was eating a cinnamon roll of all things. He was so excited. It didn't even bleed and he said it didn't hurt. We had to call Daddy who had already left for church. We also had to use the webcam to show Nana, Granddaddy, Aunt RyAnn, and Brock. We could not tell them over the phone, because he wanted them to see it.

He couldn't wait until bedtime. I tried to ask him what he thought the tooth fairy would leave him and if the tooth remained under the pillow the entire night. It was so funny when he said, "Mom, the tooth fairy isn't real -- you're the one taking the tooth and putting something under the pillow." He's very logical at times. The price range he mentioned was anywhere between two coins to $1,000 depending on when I asked him. The first thing he did when he woke up was look under his pillow.

We started school this morning. Caleb did great! Josiah struggled a little with getting back into this routine of Mommy focusing a little more on Caleb. I think he wanted Caleb more than he wanted me. He would climb on Caleb's chair and pat Caleb's head which was fine at times except during writing. He wants to be so much like Caleb. Hopefully, when he's a little older, I will be able to give him some paper and crayons and he can sit at the table and work as well. If our year goes as well as it did today, then we will have a wonderful second grade year!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Going Rate for the Tooth Fairy?

Caleb is getting very close to losing his first tooth. I would say in the next week or two. Therefore, it's time to start planning. Since this is our first, I am at a loss at what the going rate is for the Tooth Fairy. Caleb already knows who the real Tooth Fairy is, but he's still excited about seeing what the Tooth Fairy leaves him under his pillow. So the question to everyone out there is this: what is the Tooth Fairy leaving these days?

Thursday, August 24, 2006

My Iron Man

Caleb ironing his shirt

Earlier this week, I mentioned to Caleb that starting next week we would be starting chores. My only expectations for him were to make his bed and make sure his room was picked up 5 times a week. I didn't think that was too much to ask. However, he was not pleased that he did not get to decide. I told him that he would still need to make his bed and clean his room but he could choose to do some others if he wanted to. One of the things he wanted to learn was to iron clothes. A couple of days ago, I introduced him to ironing. He thought it was great and he felt so good. And his clothes didn't look too bad either. In the picture, you can definitely tell he has morning hair. He also says he's letting his hair grow out again.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Updates on the Boys and Baby Mackey

I wanted to give a little update on how all of our little ones are doing:

Caleb will start homeschooling second grade next week. He is very excited and wants to go ahead and start so that he can finish and be in third grade. I'm glad he's motivated. Last year towards the end of school, we started a chart system for good behavior and hard work. When the chart was filled with stickers, he got to go to Chuck E. Cheese. He definitely is ready to earn another trip to Chuck E. Cheese and hopefully he will get to go a few times this year. Currently, Caleb is our bug lover. He is very into the catch and release idea. He will catch anything I need him to as long as he can return it outside alive. This year, I'm going to attempt to turn over the responsibility of keeping his room clean to him. I think he will do great and I will help with vacuuming and dusting from time to time. It's sometimes hard in my mind when I know how I want something to look and he has his ideas. His walls are covered with drawings that he has posted all over his room. He loves it and that's what's important.

Josiah is walking everywhere. He's been walking for a couple of months, but now he is pretty steady. He is starting to understand certain things we ask him and he will either shake or nod his head. He still loves paper, but now he will take it out of his mouth part of the time when I catch him at it. He loves the word, "Hi" and will hold up anything that resembles a phone. He loves to be outside and is happier on the go. The past two nights he has not nursed at night and that is a big accomplishment for him. I'm not sure it will last, but I'm trying to make sure he's well fed during the day. I've never wanted to push weaning at night (still nursing during the day), and I'm so glad to see he's doing it on his own. He's still very vocal and doesn't like to sit still for long. He is also known for his climbing abilitiy. He will try to climb on anything.

Baby Mackey appears to be doing well. I am currently 11 weeks, 5 days according to the sonogram. According to it, my due date is March 8th, 2007. We were able to hear the heartbeat today. That's always exciting when you can hear the heartbeat for the very first time. I'm feeling pretty good as long as I eat. I do get tired and tend to go to sleep earlier than normal and eat more often. Other than that, everything is great!

Monday, August 21, 2006

The Three Cousins

Brock, Caleb, and Josiah




While we were in Texas, RyAnn and I attempted to have the boys' pictures taken. It was no easy task. Josiah normally is very good when it comes to having his picture taken. Well, Brock cried first and then after he calmed down, Josiah thought he should cry. Did I mention that Caleb did great? We cannot fathom trying this with five children in another year! We will definitely be requesting help with five!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Catching Up: Part 3 -- Pictures

Right before we left to come back to California,
I took this picture of Granddaddy, Josiah,
Nana, and Caleb

Josiah and Caleb on the komodo dragan.
Granddaddy took us to the Fort Worth Zoo
this past Monday. Josiah's favorite part was
seeing the gorillas and Caleb liked the bats.

We stopped to see Caleb and Josiah's cousins
before leaving East Texas where we visited

Granny with Josiah -- We went to visit Granny
in East Texas when Kerry was still in town. It
was a fast trip.

Granny with Caleb

I think that's the end of my catching up for the most part. We had two trips within a trip -- one to East Texas and one to Arkansas. The boys had their picture taken with their cousin Brock. I will post some of those later. It feels like it will take me a week to get back into a routine. We were supposed to start homeschooling next week, but the curriculum won't be here until the end of next week. So, it looks like we will be starting 2 days late. Hopefully, that will give me some time to make sure we've got everything we need in terms of pencils, erasers, and other supplies.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Catching Up: Part 2 -- Josiah's First Birthday

Josiah trying his birthday cake

The Birthday Boy (Brock is in the background)

Josiah's cake

Caleb is helping Josiah open his presents

The first Sunday we were in Texas, we had a small birthday party for Josiah with Nana, Granddaddy, RyAnn, Nate, Brock, Daddy, Mommy, Caleb, and the birthday boy. I spent the night before decorating his cake for the occassion. Josiah really seemed to enjoy the cake which made the hours I spent decorating worth it.

Catching Up: Part 1

Caleb with a worm -- He actually fished using

Caleb with his first fish

Mommy, Brock, Aunt RyAnn, Josiah, Papa, and Caleb

It's going to take a few posts to get caught up from our trip to Texas. We made it home safe and sound last night. Even though it was nice to be in my own bed, I missed the space of the king size bed at my parents' house. One of these days, hopefully we will upgrade to a king.

After Kerry came back to California, the boys and I were on our own. We spent the last week and a half visiting friends that we hadn't seen in awhile, making a trip to Arkansas to see my Papa, and spending lots of time with family. Caleb was so excited to see his Papa. Papa took him fishing (all of us along) and Caleb caught his first fish ever. He actually caught two. He was so proud of himself. And he didn't have any help.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

A No Picture Update

I have to admit I am pretty frustrated. My new camera has not wanted to turn on for 2 days now. I have pictures that I wanted to post, but it will have to be delayed until I can figure out the problem. This update will be pretty long since it's been a week.

Last Saturday, Kerry, Caleb, Josiah and I hopped (not literally) on a plane and headed to Texas for a visit. We arrived around dinner time and were greeted by my parents at the airport. I always love seeing Caleb's reaction when meeting people at the airport. He runs into their arms and gives them great big hugs. Josiah slept pretty much the entire flight and all the way to baggage claim. I didn't even pack a book to read, because I wasn't expecting him to sleep that long. I was pretty bored on the flight. Nate, RyAnn, and Brock came over for dinner and a nice visit. Then I had to get busy decorating Josiah's first birthday cake. I will post pictures hopefully of the final product soon. Then we all turned in since church was the next morning.

I am so spoiled by not attending church on Sunday mornings. It was so hard getting up and everyone ready on time. Why can't everyone have Saturday or Sunday night church? Oh well. We went to Fielder, the church we came from and enjoyed seeing old friends and seeing the shock on their faces when they learned we had another one on the way. It cracks me up. Yes, we know where babies come from, obviously. After a family lunch, we celebrated Josiah's birthday. Brock and Caleb were more into opening the presents than Josiah. But Josiah loved his cake, especially the mini M&Ms on the cake. Sunday night, we went to church to see some friends of ours, the Bartleys. Caleb chose a swim party with Uncle Nate, Aunt RyRy and Brock. After church, we enjoyed a nice dinner.

Monday was an okay day. We decided to get a rental car for the week that Kerry was here. Kerry had a few things he needed to get done. The boys and I along with my Mom went to the pharmacy to see what they thought the rash on Caleb's leg might be. He had a couple of spots on his ankle before we left California, but it got pretty bad by the time Monday came around. The pharmacist thought it was probably poison ivy and suggested some over the counter stuff. After dinner, my parents took the boys to Putt-Putt (Josiah loves anything outside) and Kerry and I went to get snowcones and tried to get my phone fixed which mysteriously started working again on it's own. The boys had fun and I really enjoyed my snowcone.

Tuesday, if I can remember, was a pretty relaxing day. Caleb's rash still looked pretty bad, but I was hopeful that it would get better with the medicine we had. We enjoyed visiting with RyAnn and Brock for a little while that afternoon. That night we went swimming with the Bartleys and they cooked for us. I get so spoiled with all this visiting and being fed. I won't know how to cook when I get home. We all enjoyed a nice visit.

Wednesday did not start off well at all. Caleb's rash had gotten worse and Kerry decided that we needed to see a doctor. Caleb's old doctor was out for the entire week, but my parents' doctor was able to fit us in that morning. The doctor did not think it was posion ivy, but something similar. We have no idea where he got it in California. The doctor prescribed him some medicine and cream. This was a big deal for me since Caleb has not needed a prescription for anything since he was a small baby (cough medicine). But it was definitely needed and we could see a difference soon. That afternoon, we headed to Gladewater, TX to see Kerry's mom. It was a very quick trip, but we were all glad that we could visit. Granny is flying back with us in a week and a half and we're looking forward to spending time with her.

Thursday on our way back to Arlington, we stopped to see Caleb's cousins. He was so excited to see Joshua, Abigail, Morgan and Elizabeth. I know he must have exhausted them all. He had enough energy for all of them. Josiah even was in pretty good spirits and enjoyed walking around the house and exploring.

Yesterday, we spent all day at the Hagans. Caleb had waited all week for this day to see Ethan and Kylie. I have to admit that I enjoyed seeing those two as well since I easily claim them as my own even though they have two wonderful parents. I helped take care of them until we moved to California and have seen them grow. They were so big. Ethan is starting Kindergarten this year and Kylie turns four in November. Where has the time gone? We sat outside on their porch and we watched as a house was being put on the lot next to theirs. That lot used to be ours which we sold before moving to California. It was so peaceful out there in Granbury. You couldn't hear any cars or people talking. It almost made me wish it was our house that was being built and our kids would continue to grow up togther and we could pick Ethan up every day after school. But, we're where God wants us to be. Caleb was sad to leave, but was soon sound asleep on the ride home.

Today, we put Kerry on a plane to go back to California. The boys and I will stay for a little while longer before flying back. I'm looking forward to this week to catch up with a few more people and help take care of my nephew who hopefully will say my name by the end of this week.