Friday, August 18, 2006

Catching Up: Part 3 -- Pictures

Right before we left to come back to California,
I took this picture of Granddaddy, Josiah,
Nana, and Caleb

Josiah and Caleb on the komodo dragan.
Granddaddy took us to the Fort Worth Zoo
this past Monday. Josiah's favorite part was
seeing the gorillas and Caleb liked the bats.

We stopped to see Caleb and Josiah's cousins
before leaving East Texas where we visited

Granny with Josiah -- We went to visit Granny
in East Texas when Kerry was still in town. It
was a fast trip.

Granny with Caleb

I think that's the end of my catching up for the most part. We had two trips within a trip -- one to East Texas and one to Arkansas. The boys had their picture taken with their cousin Brock. I will post some of those later. It feels like it will take me a week to get back into a routine. We were supposed to start homeschooling next week, but the curriculum won't be here until the end of next week. So, it looks like we will be starting 2 days late. Hopefully, that will give me some time to make sure we've got everything we need in terms of pencils, erasers, and other supplies.

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