Saturday, August 26, 2006

Going Rate for the Tooth Fairy?

Caleb is getting very close to losing his first tooth. I would say in the next week or two. Therefore, it's time to start planning. Since this is our first, I am at a loss at what the going rate is for the Tooth Fairy. Caleb already knows who the real Tooth Fairy is, but he's still excited about seeing what the Tooth Fairy leaves him under his pillow. So the question to everyone out there is this: what is the Tooth Fairy leaving these days?


Panda-Mom said...

Of course, we haven't lived through this one yet, but many families I know don't give $$$, but rather a book or something of value. BTW, I had a bizarre dream last night that your hubby was trying to sell PandaPop on coming out to CA to be the college minister. What a hoot! Don't even know where that came from...weird! My reasoning for not going in my dream was even better....I didn't want rats, mudslides or earthquakes!! Crazy dreams!

Anonymous said...

My 5-year-old just lost her first 2 teeth in rapid succession and we gave her $1 each time - she was absolutely thrilled both times. However, I remember receiving an item for my teeth and that was more precious than money that would get lost in the mix in my bank.