Monday, August 28, 2006

The Lost Tooth

Caleb showing off his lost tooth

Yesterday morning, Caleb, Josiah and I were sitting down eating breakfast. Caleb was a little upset about his tooth and he was very nervous that it would hurt when it came out. I explained that it might feel a little funny, but if he took his time in wiggling it around that it shouldn't hurt. He also decided that he wasn't going to chew his food at the front anymore and preceded to show me. Yes, very exciting to see. Well, I wasn't really paying attention when I heard a cling or a ping on Caleb's plate. His tooth had fallen out while he was eating a cinnamon roll of all things. He was so excited. It didn't even bleed and he said it didn't hurt. We had to call Daddy who had already left for church. We also had to use the webcam to show Nana, Granddaddy, Aunt RyAnn, and Brock. We could not tell them over the phone, because he wanted them to see it.

He couldn't wait until bedtime. I tried to ask him what he thought the tooth fairy would leave him and if the tooth remained under the pillow the entire night. It was so funny when he said, "Mom, the tooth fairy isn't real -- you're the one taking the tooth and putting something under the pillow." He's very logical at times. The price range he mentioned was anywhere between two coins to $1,000 depending on when I asked him. The first thing he did when he woke up was look under his pillow.

We started school this morning. Caleb did great! Josiah struggled a little with getting back into this routine of Mommy focusing a little more on Caleb. I think he wanted Caleb more than he wanted me. He would climb on Caleb's chair and pat Caleb's head which was fine at times except during writing. He wants to be so much like Caleb. Hopefully, when he's a little older, I will be able to give him some paper and crayons and he can sit at the table and work as well. If our year goes as well as it did today, then we will have a wonderful second grade year!

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RyAnn said...

Caleb- You look so cool with your tooth gone. I can't believe the tooth fairy brought you so much money!