Wednesday, September 06, 2006

It's Been a Year

It's hard to believe that come tomorrow, September 7th, we will have been in California for one year. Part of our time here has flown by but other times have felt so long making me very homesick. Last year, my sister RyAnn and my nephew Brock flew out with the boys and I. It was extremely overwhelming to walk into my house, one I had never seen before, filled with boxes waiting to be unpacked. I remember Kerry picked us up at the airport (we hadn't seen him in 3 weeks), took us to get a bite to eat, and dropped us off at the house. He had some meeting to go to that night. I guarantee I would have broken down in tears had my sister not been there. However, when I put my sister on the airplane the following week, I was trying to hide the tears as I walked out of the airport. It was then that I asked myself if I had really agreed to this move. It was too much to take in at that time.

Things got better after that. I actually got the house all organized and slowly started getting into a daily routine. I've been very blessed to have family and friends come and visit, and the boys and I have also gotten to go back to Texas and visit on several different occassions. We've had quite an eventful year, at least the boys have. Caleb accepted Christ in October of last year and was baptized this past summer. He tried soccer for the first time and found that he prefers baseball. Even though he's played t-ball elsewhere, he played Little League for the first time. Caleb completed first grade and lost his first tooth.

Josiah will only know his Texas house through pictures. Josiah experienced almost all of his firsts here in this house. He learned to sit up, crawl, and walk all while here. He's talking constantly and has a mind of his own. He celebrated his first Christmas, first Easter, and first birthday here and many more first. I'm sure there will be many more milestones that he experiences this year as well.

Kerry has loved being here from before we arrived. He enjoys his job and the atmosphere in general out here. He says home is wherever the boys and I are. Honestly, California is growing on me, but there are several things I miss in Texas, the most important being family. I know I took for granted stopping by their house on the spur of the moment. Now, I cherish all the times we have together. I also miss Blue Bell ice cream. Maybe one of these days we'll see Blue Bell on the shelves out here. And Eckrich sausage -- it sounds so good on the grill along with fresh sweet yellow corn (haven't found any here). I miss the smell of rain and watching it rain outside. I also miss watching the bluebonnets come out every spring. And I miss Baylor football games along with the foot long corn dogs. This will be the first year since third grade that I will not be at at least one Baylor home football game. I guess I will have to make a point to start watching the games on tv and dress up in our Baylor gear.

I've mentioned some of the things I miss, I guess it would only be fair to list some of the things I like about California. I have to admit I can't complain about the weather. I can take the boys outside any time of year. It rarely rains so I don't have to worry about waiting for the yard to dry up. A light jacket during a winter afternoon is sometimes all you need. And to give me a taste of cooler weather, I can sit outside during an evening service at church wearing a coat and snuggled under a warm heater. We aslo live close to the ocean which can be a lot of fun. I have been very fortunate to meet friendly people everywhere. Just last week, I met a lady in line at the pharmacy with her little boy and we ended up meeting a few days later to let the boys play. The church has been very welcoming and I love the laid back atmosphere.

I'm sure this year will be just as exciting, especially with baby number three coming in March. God has definitely stretched me this year when it comes to trusting in Him. He has reminded me that He will never let me down, that He will meet all my needs. I just have to keep remembering that and not worry about everything. God is in control.


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If money grew on trees in my backyard, Brock and I would come for weekly visits! I can't believe it has been a year.

Panda-Mom said...

A year? Can't be! You sound very secure in knowing that God has a plan for you there. Though our paths didn't cross much while you were here, y'all were very much a part of who we considered (& still do) our circle of "outside-of-church-friends". You know being in ministry how important it is to have friends that don't go to your own church. But, now that y'all are in CA it does seem sad to think we can only just see pics of your fam and not the actual fam in person. The funny thing is that I know you much better now through this blog-thing than I ever did while you were here! We are still grinning over Kerry's long hair!! Very CA. I can't wait to see all the happenings in the next year with Mac#3 coming! ; )