Friday, September 15, 2006

The Motorcycle

Kerry on one of his rides

Caleb looking pretty cool

Josiah hanging out

Caleb and Kerry taking a ride around the block

If you would have asked me back in college if my future husband would fly airplanes, ride motorcycles, and grow facial hair, I would have said definitely no. For some reason, God had other plans and brought Kerry and I together. We just happen to be complete opposites, but we love each other very much. I have come to accept the fact that he loves flying (I actually enjoy it if there is a destination involved). I tolerate the fact that he just bought a motorcycle (the third since we've been married). However, I have to admit, I do not tolerate the facial hair well. I have no problems with anyone else growing facial hair, but I prefer to kiss my husband's clean shaven face. It's a preference.

Anyway, this post was supposed to be about the motorcycle. Yes, Kerry got a motorcycle at the end of July. He rides it almost everyday to work which does save on the gas bill. Before he bought it, I told him I was not comfortable letting the boys ride on it. I let Kerry and Caleb know that I was comfortable with them going around our neighborhood (not even out of our subdivision) and that was it. I said I might be comfortable for more than that when Caleb turned twelve, but no freeways. I have visions of Caleb flying off the back of the motorcyle. They agreed to respect my wishes, but I know they would prefer to be roaming the streets on Saturday mornings. All three boys love the motorcycle. Caleb loves to start it for Kerry before he goes to work. Josiah likes to sit on it, and Kerry can spend a lot of time working on it. Maybe it's a boy thing. It's been a great bonding experience for all three as they can be seen out in the garage together working on the bike. Here are a few pictures of the guys enjoying the bike.


Brandi said...

Nathan loves motorcycles too. I am just like you in i do not ever want Charlee to ride on one even though i know he would keep her safe. They look like they enjoy the motorcycle!

Panda-Mom said...

The guys look totally great and happy, but I have to agree with your motherly instincts and would tell my hubby exactly the same thing. I would envision the worst possible scenarios and give myself a heart-attack!

Funderstorm said...

I totally agree on the motorcycles and the facial hair. However, I can't remember a time when Kevin didn't have facial hair (after we got married, that is). I prefer the baby face...he prefers to hide it. By the way, thanks for the encouragement about blogging. It's nice to keep up with your family. We're looking forward to Kerry's visit in know about that, right?