Sunday, September 17, 2006


Before Josiah was born, I knew I was going to breastfeed him for at least a year and longer if he wanted to. I did not even have a planned cut off time. I thought maybe if he hadn't weaned by age two I might start cutting back on how much he was nursing. I was thinking he was probably our last little one and really wanted to enjoy this stage of life. When Josiah was about 9 monhts old, he started throwing his head back and to the side letting me know he was ready to be fed. He also found bathtime nursing a fun experience. During this phase, I was positive I would be nursing for quite a long time. I had no problem with that. When we found out we were expecting our third, I started thinking about the big picture. Josiah was still nursing several times a night and during the day as well. I started researching nursing while pregnant and what it was like to nurse two at the same time -- all the while thinking that Josiah was showing no signs or slowing down. I learned that my milk would start to change during pregnancy. Some babies would be fine with the change and others would choose to wean.

My plan was to start night weaning gradually after we got back from our trip to Texas. I had no exact plan in my head how I want it to go. So, around the time I was going to start night weaning, Josiah stopped nursing at night. The first night, I thought it was a one time deal, but then it became consistent. That was my only plan and to nurse him during the day when he wanted. Last week, he lost interest in nursing altogether and has completely weaned himself. If we didn't have a third one coming along in March, the end would have been bittersweet. I'm thankful that I allowed him to wean in his own time and have no regrets. He's growing up so fast!

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