Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What's Going On

I thought I'd post an update on what has been going on with our boys.

Caleb is under the weather as of today. I think he caught Kerry's cold. He sounded horrible last night as I kept him nearby and heard his breathing. I also kept feeling his forehead to make sure his fever wasn't returning. This morning he felt so bad. I know it's just a cold and it will pass, but I wish there was more I could do for him. He has chosen to continue school the past two days, because he realized laying in bed or on the couch was just too boring. I always loved those days, but not him. I would love to have one of those days right now without having to be sick.

Josiah makes me laugh at some of the things he does. One of the things that makes me laugh is he has started twirling. How many 13 month olds twirl? And he thinks it's so much fun. He turns and turns, falls down, and turns some more. He still is a little climber. Sometimes he will climb quietly and then say, "Mama" with this huge grin on his face. What a character. He is growing up. He does not like to cuddle much anymore which is so hard for me to grasp. Caleb still loves to cuddle. The past three times I have put him to bed at night or nap, he just wants to lay down with me there but not touching him. I know I should be thankful with the new baby coming shortly, but I don't want him to feel that I don't want to snuggle with him anymore. He has started sleeping better at night the past couple of nights. I put a mattress next to our bed and he's only needed me to put his pacifier back in a couple of times. He doesn't even need me to snuggle him back to sleep. This is the complete opposite of Caleb. I will not complain but be thankful that this will make the transition with the new baby easier.

Kerry and I are still alive and well. I'm about 16 weeks pregnant which is so hard to believe except for the fact that nothing fits. I'm at the stage where my shirts don't fit (except baggy t-shirts) and the maternity shirts look too big. Oh well. I haven't felt the baby move, but can hardly wait until that happens. That's when I seem to realize that I have something for real growing inside of me. If we were still in Texas with the same doctor, I would be going in for a sonogram this week. The office I'm at now doesn't perform them until 20 weeks. Although it shouldn't matter since we've decided not to find out what we're having. But it's still exciting to watch the baby on the screen and to see if he/she looks healthy. I think that's all the news for now.

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